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RealTimeWeekly #107


23 Nov RealTimeWeekly #107

Today we’ve got an announcement from PubNub about new tools for building real time apps, Kaazing and Enterprise real time mobile apps with WebSockets, UX of WebRTC, Arduino and Ruby, and sending touch tones in Firefox!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Physical software made easy with Arduino and Ruby on Rails

Iván González
Nov 23 2015
A nice tutorial showing how to share data from a sensor with a Rails web app.

WebRTC: Sending DTMF in Firefox

Adam Roach, Mozilla Hacks
Nov 16 2015
A stop-gap approach for sending “touch tones” through WebRTC.

PubNub Announces BLOCKS to Simplify Realtime App Development

Nov 18 2015
The API is not publicly available yet, but you can get a hint of what’s coming up and sign up for early access.

Build an Enterprise Mobile Real Time App in under 30 Minutes

Michael Cretzman, Kaazing
Nov 13 2015
A guide to using the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway and build a real-time mobile app.

6 Key UX elements to consider when getting started with WebRTC

Lynn Fisher, AT&T Community blog
Nov 16 2015
Tips for handling errors, consistent experiences, and more when building WebRTC applications.

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