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RealTimeWeekly #106


16 Nov RealTimeWeekly #106

Today we’ve got articles about face detection, WebRTC gaming, WebRTC in healthcare, and an interview with LiveNinja’s CTO about how they built a mobile WebRTC application to run on an iPad kiosk.

Also, there is an interesting webinar this week that I recommend: Tsahi Levent-Levi will do a webinar on Testing WebRTC applications. I’ve seen his tool before and it’s quite impressive!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Mobile WebRTC interview with LiveNinja (Video)

Nov 15 2015
I had a chance recently to talk with Emilio Cueto, CTO and co-founder of LiveNinja. Emilio tells us about the web, signaling, and mobile architectures that LiveNinja uses.

Media/WebRTC/ReleaseNotes/44″>Mozilla WebRTC Release Notes

Mozilla Wiki
Nov 11 2015
Check out this post for the full listing of changes. Note that you shouldn’t use prefixes anymore in Firefox for the WebRTC API’s.

Is there any Room for WebRTC in Gaming?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Nov 9 2015
Gaming is a frequent example use case for WebRTC, especially for the data channel. Tsahi notes WebRTC doesn’t seem to be sticking in the gaming world, but there are many ways it could be used.

Face Proximity Detection with JavaScript

Peter Bengtsson, SitePoint
Nov 11 2015
Shows how to use GetUserMedia to see the user’s face and then determine how close they are to the camera. Useful for profile pictures or recorded videos to try and encourage the right proportions.

Wearables, the Internet of Things, and Healthcare

Arin Sime,
Nov 15 2015
Last week I had a chance to attend a conference about telehealth and IoT/Wearables technology. I was there to present on WebRTC, but there were a number of interesting presenters, and I summarized some of those insights here.

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