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RealTimeWeekly #103


26 Oct RealTimeWeekly #103

This week’s issue brings together real time technologies for chess games, quadcopter telemetry, Raspberry Pi video streaming, and the future of WebRTC standards and applications. We also took a little footage from the Real Time Communications Tour and are sharing it with you below.

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This week’s Real-Time news

What’s Next for WebRTC

Chad Hart
Oct 19 2015
Chad talks about what he sees as the future of WebRTC: Supermedia, Remote Machines, and Middleware.

Audio and Video streaming from a Raspberry Pi

Plan B blog
Oct 17 2015
Tutorial for one-way streaming audio and video from a Pi to a remote server’s browser.

Building Real-time Chess with

David Washington,
Oct 21 2015
Tutorial to show how to build a real time chess game with, NodeJS, Express, and deployed to Azure.

WebSocket Perspectives 2015 – Clouds, Streaming, Microservices and the Web of Things

Frank Greco & Peter Moskovits, Kaazing
Oct 20 2015
Slides from Kaazing’s HTML5 Developer Conference presentation which includes links to several demo including websockets based telemetry for a quadcopter.

Are we There Yet? WebRTC standards Q&A with Dan Burnett

Chad Hart, webRTChacks
Oct 21 2015
Dan comments on “recent spec changes, ORTC, the next version of WebRTC, codecs, Apple, when the 1.0 spec might ever be finalized, and a whole lot more.” Real Time Communications Tour

Real Time Weekly
Oct 25 2015
When I was at the Real Time Conference in Chicago recently, I had a chance to talk with Paul Pluschkell, the founder of Kandy, who was on their tricked out RV touring the US and showing their communications solution to companies as they go. In this video Paul shares some thoughts about Kandy.

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