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RealTimeWeekly #102


19 Oct RealTimeWeekly #102

We have a new tutorial posted to RealTimeWeekly this week showing how to build a real time quiz with PubNub and ReactJs, plus API announcements from and Lightstreamer, and WebRTC with XirSys!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Building a Real Time Quiz with Ruby on Rails, ReactJs, and PubNub

Receiving answers from the quiz app questions
Martin Lagrange, RealTimeWeekly
Oct 18 2015
The latest tutorial on RealTimeWeekly has been posted – this time a cool RealTime quiz app built by Martin Lagrange from PubNub. It’s a comprehensive example showing how to integrate PubNub with ReactJs for real time messaging.

Lightstreamer announces New Client APIs for iOS and OS X

Lightstreamer Blog
Oct 15 2015
The Lightstreamer team announces v2.0 of their iOS and OSX libraries, and the post provides some interesting insight into why they built them using transpiled Java with j2objc. Code samples included with the post. You might also be interested in this recent React demo they built, with the source code here.

RealTime Launching the React Native SDKs for Android

Sep 30 2015
Earlier this month announced their Android SDK, adn this post gives you links to a sample to-do application for iOS and Android, as well ask their Messaging and Storage SDK’s.

Hello Chrome and Firefox, this is Edge calling

Philipp Hancke, webrtcH4cKS
Oct 15 2015
ORTC in Microsoft Edge has interoperability with WebRTC on Chrome and Firefox, but it’s audio only. Philipp shows how to make this happen by implementing PeerConnection API on top of ORTC. Video interoperability will have to wait on codec resolution between the browsers.

Using PubNub with XirSys for Collaborative URL Sharing

October 2015
Part two in a series showing how to use XirSys and PubNub together for a WebRTC implementation. In this post you learn how to do collaborative browsing by sharing URLs with each other.

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