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RealTimeWeekly #100


05 Oct RealTimeWeekly #100

Real Time Weekly: October 5th 2015

Greetings from Chicago, and welcome to the 100th issue of RealTimeWeekly! I’m here attending the IIT Real Time Communications Conference, and I spent this last weekend at a TADHack event. Our team won an award (details below), and we’ll be sharing more details from both events and also in next week’s newsletter.

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This week’s Real-Time news

TADHack-mini Chicago Winners

Alan Quayle, TADHack Blog
Oct 4 2015
Videos from the hackathon are being loaded here throughout the day – it was a great event with lots of creative ideas and smart people. Plus a robot that can do the macarena!

Are we Edging Closer to a WebRTC Utopia?

Tsahi Levent-Levi, Dialogic blog
Oct 1 2015
Now that Microsoft Edge supports ORTC, how close are we to a cross browser solution between Edge, Chrome and Firefox? Tsahi explores the idea and points out Edge doesn’t have a lot of traction yet. You should also check out Tsahi’s previous post on the differences between WebRTC and what ORTC brings to Edge.

Tutorial: Realtime iOS Heart Rate Monitor and Dashboard

Shyam Purkayastha, PubNub
Sep 30 2015
Building a heart rate monitor for iOS, which builds on a previous tutorial for doing the same type of heart rate monitor for Android devices.

WebRTC Arduino DC Motor Control Using PubNub, Electron, and Johnny-Five

Jean Lescure, AgilityFeat
Sep 16 2015
2nd part in a series of posts for an IoT project controlling the motor using WebRTC’s data channel. Apple Watch app wins TADHack Telestax award

Arin Sime,
Oct 5 2015
This past weekend I was at TADHack Chicago with a colleague, and we are staying here all week for the IIT RTC Conference. We’ll be sharing more over the course of the week about the hackathon and conference. I wanted to go ahead and share in this post some more details and a demo of our hackathon entry, which I’m excited to say won a sponsor aware from Telestax. Our heart rate monitor automatically detects a heart attack and notifies loved ones via Telestax, Tropo, and

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