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RealTimeWeekly #99


28 Sep RealTimeWeekly #99

Microsoft Edge supports ORTC now, so posts are coming that show how to use it. We’ve also included a Web Audio conference presentation this week that has more cool saxophone than any other tech event I’ve been to, content on WebRTC traffic encryption, and Arduino NodeBots.

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This week’s Real-Time news

ORTC API is now available in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Team
Sep 18 2015
The Edge team provides on overview of the ORTC API spec in Microsoft’s new browser. Code snippets and examples provided. You should also check out this WebRTCHacks post on using ORTC in Edge.

Creating UIs for the Web Audio API

Stephen Band, SwissJS 2015
Aug 31 2015
A trippy presentation combining Web Audio, mixer UI’s, javascript, and the most saxophone you are likely to ever see at a tech conference.

Traffic Encryption

Philipp Hancke, webrtcHacks
Sep 23 2015
Building on his presentation at Kranky Geek, Philipp provides some details on analyzing encrypted VoIP traffic for Skype and Viber.

Controlling a Motorbot Using Arduino and Node.js

Ritesh Kumar, Sitepoint
Sep 17 2015
Building a simple NodeBot with an Arduino.

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