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RealTimeWeekly #98


21 Sep RealTimeWeekly #98

We have lots of interesting news and blog posts about WebRTC this week, as people continue to still write about what they learned at the Kranky Geek event. The slides from my talk on UX for WebRTC are here.

Also, it’s not too early to think about 2016 conferences! In fact, Twilio has opened up a call for presenters for the 2016 Signal Conference. I had to miss it this year but I heard great things about the conference, so if you’ve got something interesting to share now is the time to apply to speak!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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This week’s Real-Time news

Building an Android WebRTC Video Chat App

Kevin Gleason of PubNub, on RealTimeWeekly
Sep 16 2015
This guest post on RealTimeWeekly shows how to build a native Android application for WebRTC, using PubNub.

Notes from 2015 WebRTC Conference Co-Hosted by Google

Alex Kras
Sep 12 2015
A nice summary of the talks about WebRTC at Kranky Geek and Alex’s key takeaways. We also wrote up our own recap of KrankyGeek on RealTimeWeekly.

Key Improvements and New Features From Google’s Latest Update on WebRTC

Sep 15 2015
A nice summary of the WebRTC announcements made by Google at KrankyGeek. You might also be interested in this post on Google’s GetUserMedia SSL changes from TokBox which provides a few resources to make sure your site can hanlde the switch.

Controlling WebRTC PeerConnections with an extension

Philipp Hancke and Maire Reavy, Mozilla Hacks
Sep 10 2015
Firefox will allow users to control if your application can share peer to peer data channels with their browser, much like video/audio permissions.

TechTok catch up – WebRTC codec wars: rebooted

Tsahi Levent Levi speaking at TokBox
Sep 14 2015
Tsahi speaks about the latest updates on the alliances and feuds around video codecs for WebRTC.

Making ReactJS Realtime With Websockets

Jamie Patel, Pusher
August 2015
The Pusher teams shows how the unidirectional data flow of ReactJS works well when building real time applications based on WebSockets. Complete tech tutorial.

Reacting to React Native for native WebRTC apps

Alexey Aylarov, webRTChacks
Sep 15 2015
Alexey Aylarov from VoxImplant’s shows how to build a native WebRTC iOS app with React Native.

Turning a Raspberry Pi into a portable streaming camera

Anderson Silva,
Sep 18 2015
Notes on configuring a Raspberry Pi camera to stream video for remote viewing.

GetUserMedia: Using the Media Capture and Streams API

David Voyles, TutsPlus
Sep 10 2015
Summary of how to use GetUserMedia to access video streams, capture images from them, select cameras to use, and apply filters to captured images.

Pulsar: Real-time Analytics at Scale

Sharad Murthy, Tony Ng, InfoQ
Sep 13 2015
Presentation on Pulsar, which is a real-time streaming system used at EBay that scales to millions of events per second with high availability.

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