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RealTimeWeekly #96


07 Sep RealTimeWeekly #96

In today’s issue of real time technology tutorials, we have for the first and probably last time ever a photo of a cat. Seriously. It’s a tutorial that feeds you cat photos from Instagram in real time. You’re welcome! Also, we have articles on RethinkDB, WebRTC, React, Slackbots, FeathersJS and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Build real-time Web apps with RethinkDB


Slava Akhmechet, InfoWorld
Sep 1 2015
An overview of how to use RethinkDB and it’s ReQL syntax to supply a real time data store for your application.

P2P WebRTC file sharing app: Frontend using React & Flux


Zohaib Rauf
Aug 26 2015
Zohaib gives first impressions of React as a front end tool with Flux for maintaining states, while building a Peer to Peer file sharing tool using WebRTC.

Creating a Real Time Photo Experience with Instagram API, Socket.IO and React


Leonardo Couto
Aug 21 2015
A tutorial that shows you Socket.IO and React, with a diabolical end goal: a real time stream of cat photos from Instagram.

From Mongoose Models to a Real-time API with FeathersJS


Emmanuel Bourmalo
Sep 2 2015
With a goal of providing a real time listing of questions and answers, the author looks at a few different possible frameworks to use in a Node.js project, settling on Feathers because of it’s lightweight nature. Code samples for integratin with Mongoose provided.

How to Build A Slackbot + Deploy an App to Heroku for Absolute Beginners


npm blog
Sep 2 2015
Ever wanted to integrate your service with Slack? This tutorial shows you what you need, and supplies a sample slackbot you can build for shouting at people in all-caps.

Tracking and Streaming Realtime Vehicle Location on a Map


Ian Jennings, PubNub
Sep 4 2015
Using Project EON and PubNub to build a map with real time vehicle location.

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