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RealTimeWeekly #95


31 Aug RealTimeWeekly #95

We have content this week about IoT on Arduino, WebRTC with TokBox and Kubi robots, signaling with PubNub, a post I wrote on Data Channels, animations based on WebRTC audio, and more! Perhaps you will also like this preview of an upcoming article on RealTimeWeekly about how RTC is being used to build a tunnel to stream desktop apps from the cloud.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Callback for End-User WebRTC Media Quality and Status


Lasse Lumiaho & Karthik Budigere,
Aug 24 2015
Callstats now offers a call back method to give you stats about connectivity and media quality.

Gaming with the WebRTC DataChannel


Arin Sime, webrtcH4cKS
Aug 27 2015
In this post I take you through the basics of the oft-forgotten WebRTC Data Channel. Instead of a typical text chat example though, I used it here as the communications channel for a very simple two-player card game.

Making WebRTC source building not suck


Alex Gouaillard, webrtcH4cKS
Aug 25 2015
Thinking about building your own WebRTC implementation for mobile, or some other specialization of what WebRTC provides? Then this article will help you figure out why and how you can build it from source.

How To: Spectrum Analyser for WebRTC Audio Stream


Jean Lescure, AgilityFeat
Aug 21 2015
Tutorial on how to take the audio stream from GetUserMedia and make a spectrum analyser out of it using ThreeJS and GLSL shaders.

TechTok catch up – Changing the face of robotics (Video)


Eleanor Hermon, TokBox
Aug 24 2015
The team from Revolve Robotics shows how they are combining WebRTC (via TokBox) and robotics for telepresence in medicine. Their Kubi product is a robot that moves tablets for you.

When Arduino Meets Application Server: Love at Second Sight (Video)


Holly Cummins, QCon
Jun 28 2015
Just came across this from QCon’s newsletter, interesting presentation for those interested in using Arduino on IoT projects.

WebRTC Video Chat in 20 Lines of JavaScript


Kevin Gleason, PubNub
Aug 25 2015
A nice tutorial of how to use PubNub for signaling on your WebRTC application.

The Future of Developing Firefox Add-ons


Kev Needham, Mozilla Blog
Aug 21 2015
Announcement about changes coming up in Mozilla add ons over the next 6 months. I think the relevant part to those who are interested in doing screen sharing with WebRTC applications is that this will make the add on development more consistent with how it’s done in Chrome.

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