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RealTimeWeekly #94


22 Aug RealTimeWeekly #94

Lots of interesting content this week ranging from Leap Motion sensors, to Firebase, to WebRTC mobile and more! You might also be interested to check out Part 1 of a guest post series on RealTimeWeekly about using WebRTC in iOS projects.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Creating an Audio Calling App with Ionic and PhoneRTC


Wern Ancheta, Sitepoint
Aug 7 2015
Using Cordova’s PhoneRTC plugin to enable WebRTC on iOS and Android, the author shows how to build an Ionic WebRTC app. This is just part 1 of an ongoing series, here is Part 2

ORTC Round Table


Robin Raymond (Hookflash), Bernard Aboba (Microsoft)
Aug 4 2015
This slide deck from the ClueCon conference goes into some good details on ORTC, the alternate standard to WebRTC.

How to stop a leak – the WebRTC notifier


Chad Hart, WebRTCHacks
Aug 4 2015
This post looks at the issue of revealing a private IP address of a web site visitor using the WebRTC data channel. Is this in fact a privacy concern, and if so, what can we do about it? A chrome extension is provided to help you look for sites that may be using WebRTC in this way.

WebRTC on Mobile: Challenges and Opportunities (Slideshare)


Vladimir Beloborodov, MERA Software Services
Aug 7 2015
Slides from a presentation at DevCon5 in NY, covering an intro to WebRTC as well as specific considerations for building native or hybrid mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Taking the Pain out of Real-time Mobile Back-end Development (Presentation)


Mandy Waite, InfoQ
Aug 15 2015
“Mandy Waite shows how to get started with Firebase before walking through a live demo of building a multi-user, collaborative mobile app that provides real-time updates to its users. She also demonstrates how to add user authentication and offline functionality to an application.”

Motion-controlled Servos with Leap Motion & Raspberry Pi


Justin Platz & Kurt Clothier, PubNub
Aug 19 2015
Cool example of combining PubNub Data Streams, a Pi, and Leap Motion to make servos mimic to motions of your hands. These are the droids you are looking for.

Real-Time Chat With Modulus and Node.js


Hüseyin Babal, TutsPlus tutorials
Aug 18 2015
Implementing a real-time chat application with Node.js, Socket.IO and MongoDB, deployed to Modulus.

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