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RealTimeWeekly #93


17 Aug RealTimeWeekly #93

Lots of great WebRTC content this week, plus Push Notifications, Samsung’s IoT.js library, and Google Cloud Platform to simplify your Lambda style architectures!

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This week’s Real-Time news

JerryScript & IoT.js: JavaScript for IoT from Samsung


Abel Avram, InfoQ
Aug 5 2015
A javascript library for running on IoT devices that only requires 64k of RAM, targeted to Raspberry Pi.

Push Notifications on the Web – Google Chrome


Dean Hume
Aug 3 2015
Using the Chrome PushNotifications API and Google Cloud Messaging to send desktop notifications.

Going Mobile: Digium’s Respoke Launches iOS and Android SDKs


Steven Sokol, Digium Blog
Aug 11 2015
Allows for WebRTC audio/video, instant messaging, and presence in native applications, tied into the Respoke service.

RethinkDB 2.1 released with high availability


Ryan Paul, RethinkDB
Aug 11 2015
Titled “Forbidden Planet”, this release of RethinkDB includes automatic failover, always-on nodes even during changes, asynchronous APIs, SSL, and more. Discussion around the release is here on Hacker News.

WebRTC Live Stream Broadcast


Telecom R&D blog
Aug 7 2015
Architectural alternatives for scaling a live broadcast solution using WebRTC. If you’re thinking of building a Periscope or Meerkat style product then this post is for you.

Introducing Pre-Call Test: Stand up to spotty network conditions


Meeta Dash, TokBox
Aug 10 2015
Library for OpenTok based WebRTC applications to help you determine before a call if the signal strength will be sufficient for a high quality call.

Announcing General Availability of Google Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub


Google Cloud Platform Blog
Aug 12 2015
The beta label has been removed, and Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, and BigQuery are now publicly available. These tools are intended to reduce the complexity of building systems that involve a combination of streaming real time data and batch processing of older data.

AT&T Enhanced WebRTC API Has Now Launched


AT&T Developer Blog
Aug 10 2015
AT&T’s WebRTC solution allows you to combine WebRTC javascript based conversations in the browser with regular telephone calls. Now out of beta.

WebRTC’s Extremes. Aggregation or Embedability? Federated or Siloed?


Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Aug 10 2015
Tsahi explains several different business/interaction models for WebRTC: Aggregation, Embedability, Silo, and Federation.

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