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RealTimeWeekly #91


03 Aug RealTimeWeekly #91

This week we’ve got posts on scaling for large multi-party conferencing in WebRTC, the future of real-time development, automated testing WebRTC apps, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Real-Time Web Apps in 2015 & Beyond (Video)


Phil Leggetter, Pusher
Jul 18 2015
An updated presentation on the future of real time applications. Very comprehensive and worth a watch. You can also get Phil’s slides here.

How to support stereo in a WebRTC application


Andrii Sergiienko,
Jul 31 2015
A new blog about WebRTC by Andrii Segiienko, author of WebRTC Blueprints and WebRTC Cookbook. Andrii has started the blog with a number of interesting posts.
How to support stereo in a WebRTC application
Infographics: supporting WebRTC on desktop and mobiles
Infographic: popular signaling protocols implementations
WebRTC alternatives
Reserving bandwidth

Selenium, Travis-CI and WebRTC


Philipp Hancke, &yet
Jul 28 2015
An update on how to automate your testing in WebRTC with Selenium.

Video conferencing with last-n


Boris Grozev, Atlassian
Jul 15 2015
A very interesting post from the Jitsi team (now part of Atlassian) talking about how they are solving large multi-party calls in WebRTC.

The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments


Matt Makai, Twilio
This is not specifically real-time related, but I have to give a shout out to a friend of mine and former grad school classmate, Matt Makai, who has just published this ebook on Python development and deployment. Matt is also a developer evangelist for Twilio.

Building an IoT Coffee Maker with Realtime Volume Monitoring


Kurt Clothier, PubNub
Jul 28 2015
A coffee pot is perhaps the classic example of an Internet of Things device, since so many of us depend on it every day for our mental vitality. This detailed post goes well beyond the standard example though and gives you a detailed recipe to measure if your co-workers are refilling the coffee pot.

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