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RealTimeWeekly #90


27 Jul RealTimeWeekly #90

Real Time Weekly: July 27th 2015

Uber, Arduinos, WebRTC monitors for your refrigerator, and more in today’s RealTimeWeekly!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Scaling Uber’s Real-time Market Platform (Video)


Matt Ranney, InfoQ
Jul 14 2015
The Chief Architect of Uber explains their architecture, “with a focus on the dispatch systems, the geospatial index, handling failure, and dealing with the distributed traveling salesman problem.” From the QCon London conference.

Arduino Node.js RC Car Driven with the HTML5 Gamepad API


Mate Marschalko, WebOnDevices
Jun 2015
Mate connects a USB racing steering wheel to his laptop and using Node.js and WebSockets is able to drive a remote control car.

How a Marketing Guy Won TADHack with ThirdEye


Chad Hart, TADHack
Jul 20 2015
Chad, editor of webRTCHacks, shares his experiences making an entry into the TADHack competition. He includes a great video demo that he used to make his remote submission to the hackathon.

Peer-to-Peer Web and WebRTC, What’s So Special About It?


Upperside Conferences blog
Jul 15 2015
These posts are a regular series asking WebRTC experts their views on certain aspects of WebRTC. Some interesting points about Peer to Peer are made in this one.

A Practical Introduction to IoT using Arduino, Node.js and Plotly


Adil Moujahid
Jul 19 2015
Good technical post with everything to build your first streaming data application using an Arduino.

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