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RealTimeWeekly #89


20 Jul RealTimeWeekly #89

What do you get when you combine Lightstreamer, Apple Watch, Angular, Node.js, Websockets, Aircraft tracking, WebRTC, and Raspberry Pi? You’ve got a great list of articles in today’s RealTimeWeekly! Check them out for your weekly real-time inspiration below.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Lightstreamer releases New Client APIs for Android and Java SE


Alessandro Alinone, Lightstreamer
Jul 16 2015
The team at Lightstreamer has released new client APIs that implement their real time messaging platform on Android/Java using the same interface as their Javascript API. iOS and .Net interfaces are on the way. Also last week they posted about how to integrate Lightstreamer with the OpenFin for real time data visualization of financial data.

Build Real-Time Node.js Apps with Angular LiveSet and LoopBack


Ritchie Martori, StrongLoop
Jul 15 2015
Walkthrough of an AngularJS module for real time applications that is built on top of the HTML5 EventSource Web API.

Monitoring your node.js (with Express) application using websockets


Jim Bauwens
July 2015
A quick example of how to monitor console messages from a remote server by sending them across a Web Sockets channel.

Tracking Nearly Every Aircraft With a Raspberry Pi


Brian Benchoff, Hackaday
Jul 20 2015
Some quick insights into how you can use an antenna and a Raspberry Pi to track overhead aircraft and contribute towards the data on FlightAware. They refer to this program as “One of the most successful applications of crowdsourced software defined radio modules.” And it’s just cool.

Introducing testRTC (Video)


Tsahi Levent-Levi and Amit Shachak,
Jul 17 2015
Recording of a webinar from last week where Tsahi and Amit demo their new product, which allows you to get all sorts of useful data on your WebRTC application. I watched it live and it was a very interesting session – I particularly like the embedded use of Selenium to power your test script. You can also see Tsahi’s post about why they are building testRTC.

Wearable Tech Preview: Apple Watch and PubNub


Sunny Gleason & Norvan Sahiner, PubNub
Jul 17 2015
A listing of ideas for how to use the Apple Watch with a real time messaging network like PubNub.

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