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RealTimeWeekly #88


13 Jul RealTimeWeekly #88

We’ve got a variety of articles this week covering WebRTC on mobile, augmented reality with browser cameras, and web sockets.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Augmented Reality in the Browser with Awe.js


Patrick Catanzariti, SitePoint
Jul 6 2015
This is a fun mashup of “Internet of Things” with Augmented Reality, all in Javascript and with your browser’s camera.

Single Page Apps and Realtime APIs


Jonathan Gros-Dubois, Socket Cluster
Jun 17 2015
Presentation from SydJS where Jonathan introduces, an open source websocket engine for Node.js.

WebSockets in the Ruby Ecosystem

Heart icon with a plug

Dhaivat Pandya, Sitepoint
Jul 6 2015
A brief overview of different options for implementing WebSockets in a Ruby application, including the upcoming Action Cable feature of Rails 5.

Building a Realtime Music Sync Collaboration App With PubNub


Justin Platz and Kevin Gleason, PubNub
Jul 8 2015
Tutorial showing how to combine Parse, the WebAudio API, and PubNub’s javascript SDK to allow users in multiple browsers to record simple music together in real time based on existing audio files.

Build a video chat app for Android, iOS and the Web (100 Days of Google Dev)


Google Developers
Jul 12 2015
Dag-Inge Aas and Svein Willassen of the team made this fun video with Google Developers about their experiences building native Android and iOS apps for WebRTC. They share the main API’s you need to research, and a link to a larger set of resources. This builds on some excellent blog posts that we have mentioned previously in RealTimeWeekly, and which you can find on the blog.

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