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RealTimeWeekly #86


29 Jun RealTimeWeekly #86

Today we have a video showing WebAudio manipulation in javascript, Why you should be using WebRTC now, location data in Firebase and Android, and a real time multiplayer game using PubNub!

Also, do you have a great real-time programming event coming up in the second half of 2015, or even scheduled for 2016 already? Let us know so we can post it for our readers for free!

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This week’s Real-Time news

A Brief History of Synthesis with the Web Audio API (Video)


Chris Lowis, ScotlandJS
June 23 2015
An interesting conference talk showing how to manipulate audio with javascript. Listening to this makes me want to go play some old Atari games.

Why You Should Start Using WebRTC TODAY and Abandon Perfection?


Tsahi Levent-Levi,
June 18 2015
Yes, there are still things holding WebRTC back. Here’s a good reminder of why it’s good enough, and you shouldn’t wait any longer to try it out in production apps.

Code the Road Android App: Store your location data in the cloud with Firebase


Dong Sun, Google
June 12 2015
In this series, Google developers are coding a mobile app as they drive across the US. This particular post focuses on how to use Firebase, get location updates on Android, save the locations on Firebase, and display them on a Google Map.

Syncing State: Building a Basic JavaScript Multiplayer Game


Arin Sime and Germán Goldenstein, RealTimeWeekly
June 22 2015
This is a simple but fun little game that our team at AgilityFeat built to demonstrate a key concept of lean/agile teams: working in small batch sizes is better. It’s also an example of how to combine Javascript, Clojure, and PubNub to build a real time multiplayer game. This post also published on the PubNub blog.

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