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RealTimeWeekly #85


22 Jun RealTimeWeekly #85

There’s a lot going on in this issue! We have a couple of posts on the new open source realtime server, an excellent architectural article from Speak, WebRTC security, WebRTC on Android, and Ionic, and more!

I’m also excited to announce that a video course I created on WebRTC has been published by O’Reilly Media! You can read more about it on my development company AgilityFeat’s blog, or go directly to the O’Reilly site to get a copy!

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Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

How We Built A Blazing Fast Audio/Video Platform With Just A Team Of 4


Tom Moor, Speak
June 2015
Excellent architectural overview from Speak about how they are building a WebRTC based app using microservices, Go, and Ruby.

O’Reilly publishes “Introduction to WebRTC” video course

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 7.36.09 AM

Arin Sime,
Jun 22 2015
If you will pardon the shameless self promotion here, I’m excited that O’Reilly Media just published a 3.5 hour video course that I’ve been working on with them. In this course I take you through the basics of WebRTC for web applications, and show you how to build an encrypted medical application.

WebRTC and Man in the Middle Attacks


Alan Johnston, webrtcHacks
Jun 12 2015
Is WebRTC secure? Sure, kind of. Is the security foolproof just because it’s Peer to Peer? Definitely not. This post shows that if you can compromise the signaling server, then you can still do a Man in the Middle Attack on a Peer to Peer WebRTC call by putting a third “peer” in the middle without anyone noticing.

A Server for Realtime Apps:


Alex R. Young, DailyJS
Jun 15 2015 is a new real-time server recently opensourced. It’s a Node server with data synch, caching, event messaging and more, for browsers and mobile.

Hands-on with build realtime apps with less backend code


Ryan Paul, Rethinkdb
Jun 17 2015
Here is another post about the new server, showing how to use it with RethinkDB’s real time database. Code samples providing for building a simple real-time to-do list.

Ionic SocketIo Chat Application Tutorial


Melvin Philips,
Jun 2015
Detailed technical phost showing how to build a mobile chat application using Socket.IO and Ionic (a front end SDK for HTML5 hybrid mobile apps), plus Node.js.

The new Android M App Permissions


Dag-Inge Aas, WebRTCHacks
June 17 2015
Dag-Inge Aas and the team at have experience using WebRTC in Android app development, and in this post he shares how the upcoming Android M permissions model will affect the way video and audio permissions work on Android apps.

TADHack Global 2015 Summary


Alan Quayle, Tadhack
June 17 2015
“TADHack Global 2015 ran on 13-14 June across 15 locations (including remote). Its focus is helping developers discover the power of adding telecom capabilities to their apps, services and business processes. We’re going to see several of the hacks created going live for customers in the coming months, that will be for another weblog. This weblog provides a guide through the massive volume of content created over one weekend.”

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