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RealTimeWeekly #83


08 Jun RealTimeWeekly #83

This week we’ve got WebRTC updates and debugging, a couple of socket related posts, Android, PHP, and real time data dashboards.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Building a realtime API with RethinkDB


May 20 2015
Tutorial showing how to use the ChangeFeeds functionality of RethinkDB’s NoSQL database. It allows you to query tables for changes, and push those changes to clients. This eliminates the need for message queuing, and is attractive for realtime web apps.

PubNub releases EON framework for real time dashboards


Joe Hanson, PubNub
June 2 2015
EON connects C3 charts with maps and realtime data streams. See more on the PubNub blog. Allows you to easily create the charts or maps and embed them into your application with only javascript.

WebRTC Update from Justin Uberti (Video)


Erik Lagerway,
May 29 2015
At a Twilio meeting in San Francisco, Justin Uberti talks about the latest news on WebRTC, including updates on mobile support and performance.

WebTorrent: Rethinking delivery


Chris Kranky
May 31 2015
In the same Twilio meetup as Justin’s WebRTC update, there was also a presentation on a WebRTC based version of BitTorrent, called WebTorrent. Chris provides a summary and analysis of the presentation.

Introducing the OpenTok Debugger Tool


Hashir, TokBox blog
Jun 1 2015
Video introduction to the live debugger tool from TokBox that allows you to see streams and statistics about active sessions for your account.

Tracking What’s In Your Moving Boxes with Twilio SMS and


Kyle Kelly-Yahner, Twilio blog
Jun 2 2015
I’m going through a move myself right now back to the US, so I can definitely appreciate the concept of this fun technical tutorial. is an API that allows you to search audio and video for media. Combine that with the Twilio API to send voice recordings of what you put in each box by SMS, and you have a cool way to pack your boxes and find out later what you’ve put in them.

Step by Step Guide to Installing and Broadcasting Events with Laravel 5.1


Jun 3 2015
Technical walkthrough to send basic socket messages between webclients in a Laravel application.

Camera Motion Detection and Real-time Notification to Android through


Muhammad Mustadi
May 27 2015
Based on a motion detection application for Android apps, this post shows you how to combine it with for notifications.

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