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RealTimeWeekly #82


01 Jun RealTimeWeekly #82

Google makes a platform play in the IoT space, shares their experiences with WebRTC on mobile, Pusher shows how to put real-time into Django apps, and much more in today’s issue!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Google announces Brillo, an operating system for the Internet of Things


Ross Miller, The Verge
May 28 2015
Google unveils IoT platform “Brillo” at the I/O conference, describing it as the “underlying operating system for the internet of things.” It’s based on Android, and there will be a developer preview available in a few months. You can also see more at the Google Brillo site.

Getting Started with WebRTC on iOS (and Android)


Dag-Inge Aas,
March 25 2015 has been busy lately, with two blog posts explaining WebRTC on Android and iOS platforms. They also released an Android App and have added text chat to all their platforms.

How to add real-time notifications to your Django app with django-pusherable


Aaron Bassett,
May 27 2015
“In this guest blog post Aaron Bassett talks about how and why he built django-pusherable, a mixin library for Django Class-based views that makes it easy to add real-time notifications to your Django apps.”

Build a Realtime Chat App with Ruby and Volt


Rick Carlino,
May 21 2015
Screencast tour of the volt framework, showing how to build a real time chat app. The Volt Framework is a reactive library for Ruby to allow code to run on both server and web client.

W3C launching Web of Things standardization group


Dave Raggett,
May 24 2015
The W3C is forming a working group for late 2015 to help standardise a “Web of Things Framework”. From the article … “With the success of open source software and the advent of open hardware, there is a huge opportunity for hobbyists and members of the “maker” community to get involved and help build momentum around open standards for the Web of Things.”

Failing gracefully with WebRTC


Philipp Hancke, for TokBox TechToks
May 22 2015
Video from a TokBox meetup where Philipp discusses handling errors in WebRTC applications.

Building a Killer WebRTC Video Chat App using PubNub & Parse


Shyam Purkayastha, blog
May 19 2015
Using Parse for authentication, and PubNub for WebRTC, this post provides a complete code example.

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