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WebRTC, websockets, IoT
WebRTC, websockets, IoT
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RealTimeWeekly #80


18 May RealTimeWeekly #80

Interesting examples this week of temperature sensors, WebRTC apps (including a .Net example), and announcements about Temasys,, and Samsung’s Artik platform for IoT.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Building a realtime temperature sensor with Atmel and PubNub


Atmel blog
May 11 2015
Building a temperature sensor and visualization using Atmel boards and PubNub for data.

Citrix licenses Temasys’s WebRTC plugin


Shiwen Yap, Deal Street Asia
May 12 2015
GoToMeeting Free will now include the Temasys WebRTC plugin so they can extend the use of GoToMeeting Free to include Safari and IE.

Building IoT APIs – Do’s and Don’ts (Presentation)


Preeti Lovekar, Simon Lemay on InfoQ
May 6 2015
“Preeti Lovekar, Simon Lemay discuss the major components of an IOT platform, do’s and don’ts when building APIs for them, common pitfalls and solutions using open source tools and standards.” Based on their experience building the Zatar platform.

Samsung’s Artik platform aims to jump-start the Internet of Things


Devindra Hardawar, engadget
May 12 2015
Samsung is making another IoT play with their Artik platform to make it easier to build IoT solutions. Remember that Samsung also bought SmartThings last year so this is part of an ongoing strategy. This iProgrammer article provides a few more technical details too.

PerchRTC: An iOS WebRTC Sample App


Chris Eagleston,
May 12 2015
PerchRTC is an open source sample iOS WebRTC project using one-to-one and multi-party video conferencing, based on the XirSys cloud infrastructure. MBaaS platform adds new real-time capabilities


Janet Wagner, Programmable Web
May 13 2015 is adding websockets capabilities to their Mobile Backend as a Service platform for building cross platform apps.

Firefox 38 allows for Websockets in Web Workers


Potch, Mozilla Blog
May 12 2015
“Firefox 38 now allows code running in a Web Worker to open up a WebSocket connection. This is great for games or other collaborative applications, which can now do their multiplayer/realtime logic in a separate thread from the UI.”

Practical Web Audio


Brian Rinaldi, Telerik
May 13 2015
The web is mostly silent, and it shouldn’t be. Brian gives ideas for incorporating audio into your UI to enhance customer experiences.

How to write a basic WebRTC app from scratch


Patrick Dunn
May 8 2015
Nice overview of building a WebRTC app in a .Net environment using C#, Javascript, and the SignalR server for signaling. Patrick also has a good post up on getting a list of media devices using javascript, in order to change the video or audio source, as well as detecting who is talking. These posts are part of a startup called, launching this in the next few months.

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