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RealTimeWeekly #79


11 May RealTimeWeekly #79

If you’ve got $9 to spare, then you can have your own mini computer. News about the CHIP9 computer in today’s issue, plus Cisco acquires Tropo, a WebRTC Pi based drone, push notifications, real time github dashboards, and a firebase to mongo/websockets conversion.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Hacking together a WebRTC Pi in the sky – keevio eye


Rob Pickering,
May 5 2015
Cool post about a TADHack entry for combining WebRTC in a headless browser, running on a Raspberry Pi, and flying on a drone. Uses ipcortex’s Keevio api for WebRTC and multimedia.

Push Notifications Services You Can Use Today for WebRTC


Amir Zmora, The New Dialtone
Apr 29 2015
Summary of the different ways you can do push notifications in major browsers currently, and why this is important for WebRTC use cases.

Move over, Raspberry Pi. This startup is building a $9 computer


Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica
May 9 2015
A $9 computer with wifi, bluetooth, preloaded with apps, the Scratch programming system (great for teaching programming to students), and the ability to do more work related tasks like spreadsheets and office docments. Is it a hackers toy, an affordable personal computer, or the next platform for your product? Learn more on their Kickstarter project

Cisco just entered the WebRTC PaaS Game by Acquiring Tropo


Tsahi Levent-Levi,
May 8 2015
Tropo becomes the latest acquisition in the WebRTC PaaS space, and Tsahi provides analysis of what this means, why Tropo, and possible features they may be able to build now with the support of Cisco.

A Realtime Dashboard to Track Your GitHub Commits


Dave Nugent, PubNub blog
May 4 2015
Using the PubNub Storage and Playback API to create a dashboard of updates to a github repository.

Facebook Messenger likes WebRTC


webrtcH4cKS, Philipp Hancke
May 11 2015
An analysis of how Facebook messenger is using WebRTC, including optimizations to reduce the session start time.

Re-Architecting a Firebase app to work with Node.js and MongoDB


Arvind Ravulavaru, the Jackal of Javascript
Dec 2014
I just came across this older post that I thought was interesting to share. Provides a sample to move from Firebase to a websockets based solution based on Node.js and MongoDB.

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