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RealTimeWeekly #78


04 May RealTimeWeekly #78

This week we have analysis around Facebook and WhatsApp use of WebRTC (or something similar), why Google Helpouts failed, conference summaries, Pub/Sub, Lightstreamer, Pusher, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Broadcasting Events in Laravel 5.1 (Video)


Apr 28 2015
Video showing how to implement Pusher into PHP’s Laravel framework for broadcasting events.

Kranky Geek London, April 2015 Summary (Videos)


Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Apr 27 2015
Summary from the event which includes videos from the talks.

So You Think You Know Pub/Sub? (Presentation)


Udi Dahan, InfoQ
Apr 24 2015
“Udi Dahan takes a look at why different kinds of pub/sub need to be used for specific domains like healthcare, finance, internet of things, and some kinds of retail.”

Market Depth with Lightstreamer


Lightstreamer Blog
Apr 30 2015
Technical blog post showing how to implement a market depth solution using Lightstreamer, which is a list of buy and sell orders and updated in real time. You can go straight to the demo here to see it in action with simulated data.

Google Helpouts wasn’t helping


Melih O., TokBox
Apr 22 2015
Analysis of why the Google Helpouts project was shut down. I particularly like Melih’s point about it not being about the technology, but that the app was asking people to take their support needs outside of the context where it is needed. WebRTC applications are all about customer context.

WebRTC Global Summit Summary: The WebRTC Dichotomy


Alan Quayle
Apr 26 2015
A summary from the WebRTC global event in London, in particular highlighting differences in how telco and web developers view WebRTC.

What’s up with WhatsApp and WebRTC?


Philipp Hancke, WebRTCHacks
Apr 22 2015
An analysis of network traffic in WhatsApp to determine if it’s using WebRTC for voice calls.

Facebook Changes the WebRTC Game


Phil Edholm, WebRTCWorld
Apr 28 2015
Phil provides some insight around Facebook’s use of WebRTC and why it’s perfect for demographics they want to retain, and offers predictions for what this means for video calling on the web.

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