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RealTimeWeekly #74


06 Apr RealTimeWeekly #74

We have several interesting tutorials and code examples today covering WebRTC, Twilio, and PubNub. We’ve also added a couple new events to the listing, so make sure to check that out too!

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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC in Firefox 38: Multistream and renegotiation


Nils Ohlmeier and Byron Campen, Mozilla Hacks
Mar 25 2015
Great advances in the Firefox WebRTC implementation for those interested in screen sharing or other applications that previously required multiple PeerConnections to be established, now a single PeerConnection can handle multiple streams. Detailed example with screen sharing is included.

Create a Browser-Based Photobooth with JavaScript, PHP and Twilio


Ricky Robinett, Twilio
Mar 27 2015
Fun tutorial using WebRTC to capture your photo and then send it to someone using SMS messaging via Twilio’s API.

Bzzzt! Opening the door using WebSockets and a Raspberry Pi


Alex Barlow, MadeByMany
Apr 1 2015
Despite the presence of a zombie finger in this post, and it’s publication on April Fool’s Day, I don’t believe this is futuristic apocalyptic science. It’s a tutorial on hacking a door entry button by using a Pi and WebSockets to tell the zombie finger to press the button.

Tivia and WebRTC magic


Galeal Zino, NextBlitz
Mar 27 2015
This post, which is mainly about a chat app called Tivia, also makes the interesting point that the relative ease of integrating WebRTC means that you can focus first on the overall experience of your application, and then add in WebRTC later. Agree/Disagree?

Earthquake Warning and Monitoring System


Anmol Agrawal, TinkererForLife
Mar 1 2015
Given there were two small earthquakes near where I live last week, it caught my eye when I saw a PubNub tweet about this tutorial for a earthquake warning system based on Ruby, PubNub, and LittleBits.

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