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RealTimeWeekly #72


23 Mar RealTimeWeekly #72

Today we’ve got an article on Go and Firebase, IoT with Spring, Twilio voice authentication, and a few posts thinking about WebRTC topics.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Top 15 IoT Takeaways From South By Southwest


Patrick Moorhead,
Mar 16 2015
A couple interesting points from this article for me: data analytics around IoT is a huge opportunity, and bluetooth beacons are no worse a privacy concern than GPS.

IoT Realized – The Connected Car


Derek Beauregard & Michael Minella on InfoQ
Mar 14 2015
Presentation from Pivotal Labs engineers showing a demo of Spring XD for an Internet of Things enabled car with real-time analytics, predictions, and dashboards.

Collaborative Apps with Go at Citrix


Tim Gossett & Steven Berlanga, Citrix
Mar 17 2015
Overview of the Go wrappers developed by the Citrix team for Firebase’s real time database.

Voice based phone verification using twilio


Santosh Wadghule, BigBinary
Mar 18 2015
Rails based example using Twilio to do SMS verification of a phone number, followed by voice based verification (“Press 1″), using Twilio.

Encrypted Communications Trending


Chris Kranky
Mar 12 2015
Chris points out that with corporate and government espionage concerns abounding, encrypted communications is an important technical trend. Can WebRTC play a part?

Driving an Excavator using OpenWebRTC and Oculus Rift – Video


Ericsson Research
Mar 12 2015
This is a cool preview video of an upcoming technical post about a demo from the Mobile Web Congress. The Ericsson team combines Oculus Rift cameras with WebRTC to control a vehicle remotely.

The most Important Lesson from Enterprise Connect 2015


Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Mar 19 2015
Tsahi talks about a session presented by American Express, where they presented a case study on their experiences launching WebRTC in a production customer service application.

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