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RealTimeWeekly #69


03 Mar RealTimeWeekly #69

Are you interested in the Internet of Things? Of course you are, in which case you should check out the IoT Stream Conference coming up in San Francisco on April 23rd. PubNub has generously offered our readers a 20% discount with the code “Realtime-Weekly”.

That’s just one of several events we’ve added recently to our listing. Make sure to also check out the TADHack coming up in London in April and the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Real Time Communications Conference coming up in Chicago in October.

Besides great events, this issue also has cool tutorials from Lightstreamer, Pusher, and PubNub, as well as more attention about WebRTC on TechCrunch, and a good WebRTC primer.

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

How We Built AtomPair, Our Realtime Collaboration Plugin For Atom.IO


Jamie Patel, Pusher Blog
Feb 24 2015
We previously included an announcement about the plugin Pusher built to allow for pair programming through your text editor, and now Pusher has followed up with a tutorial on how they built it.

What Is WebRTC and How Does It Work?


Alex Castrounis, InnoArchiTech
Feb 2 2015
Nice summary post about WebRTC, great article for those of you still new to WebRTC.

Streaming a Live Picture Feed from Tessel Camera


Sunny Gleason & Adam Sarenski, PubNub
Feb 25 2015
“How to display a realtime, live camera feed with the Tessel Camera and AngularJS. Essentially, we can build a DIY IoT equivalent of Instagram or a live photo blog, with no need for the user to manually refresh or request updates.”

Introduction to Mobile Push Notifications with Lightstreamer 6.0


Gianluca Bertani, Lightstreamer
Feb 26 2015
Detailed tutorial showing you how to use Lightstreamer’s service to build Mobile Push Notifications for iOS, OS X, and Android.

4 Things You Have to Know about your IoT MVP


Arin Sime, AgilityFeat
Feb 24 2015
Some tips I learned at the StartupGrind conference a couple weeks ago. The bad news is building an IoT startup is still hard and probably more expensive than you think.

The WebRTC Race Begins Today


Chip Wilcox, TechCrunch
Feb 28 2015
The CEO of Temasys writes a good piece about why WebRTC is gaining ground and becoming an increasingly important part of web applications.

Response to “Is This WebRTC’s Year?”


Christian Jensen
Feb 23 2015
An response to a popular TechCrunch article praising the future of WebRTC, this response points out the problems with a web standard that is not well suited for mobile first apps at this point, and not supported by Apple. Christian goes so far as to predict WebRTC never will be supported by Apple, which I certainly hope he’s wrong about! Hat tip to WebRTC Weekly for this article.

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