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RealTimeWeekly #68


23 Feb RealTimeWeekly #68

Welcome to RealTimeWeekly, your weekly round up of the best news and tutorials concerning WebRTC and many other real time technologies. We were very pleased to be featured on the blog of WebRTC guru Tsahi Levent-Levi last week, when he pointed people towards our free WebRTC email course. He had some very nice things to say about the course, and we welcome your feedback too!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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This week’s Real-Time news

Respoke Launches Its WebRTC-Based Platform For Voice, Video And Text Chat Apps


Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch
Feb 23 2015
“Digium, the company behind the popular open source Asterisk PBX software, today announced the official launch of Respoke, its WebRTC service backend for developers. Respoke joins a number of similar services like Bistri and Telefonica‚Äôs TokBox that also offer WebRTC-centric communications platforms.”

ORIGIBOT: 3D Printed and WebRTC-Enabled Telepresence Robot to Launch Tomorrow on Indiegogo



Te Edwards,
Feb 16 2015
A telepresence robot that connects to android tablets or phones and uses WebRTC. Most importantly, with a robot arm that can hold a beer. The Indiegogo campaign launched Feb 17th, and as of this writing is 30% of the way to it’s goal of $18,000.

Writing Remote PHP Adapters for Lightstreamer


Gianluca Finocchiaro, Lightstreamer blog
Feb 17 2015
“Remote Adapters offer physical decoupling between the code of the Server and the code of the Adapters for a better usage of the resources, and the possibility to implement the Adapters in any language that provides a basic support for plain TCP sockets.”

Smartphone Remote Control with Node.js and


Nick Anastasov,
Feb 19 2015
Controlling the presentation on your laptop from your smartphone, using Node.js,, and Reveal.js.

Live Twitter Stream Using Raspberry Pi and NodeJS


Shane Pfaffly,
Feb 13 2015
A short tutorial showing how to use Twitter streaming api and searching on specific hashtags or users from your Pi.

Configuring and Running Django and Celery in Docker Containers


Justyna Ilczuk, Syncano blog
Feb 3 2015
Detailed technical post to setup a “distributed asynchronous computation system”, by configuring Celery and Django in Python. Postgres, Redis and Rabbitmq also used with Docker.

Cloud comms company Twilio is preparing itself for an IPO, but is in no rush


Duncan Riley, Silicon Angle
Feb 20 2015
Twilio reported revenue of over $100 million USD in 2014, and expects to continue to grow at a solid pace in 2015. Solid enough that they are expecting to go public at some point. That’s a good sign for us developers that cloud communications is growing well and a very mature feature to build into your applications.

Emotional Design Fail: I’m Divorcing My Nest Thermostat


Kar Pernice, NN/g Nielsen Norman Group
Feb 22 2015
The Nielsen Norman Group is a well respected User Experience (UX) research firm and blog. So when they write a blog post about how the Nest thermostat is a failed interface design, it’s something for all of us to pay attention to. Are you building for the Internet of Things? Consider these lessons first.

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