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RealTimeWeekly #64


26 Jan RealTimeWeekly #64

New releases from Lightstream and Appbase in this week’s issue, plus links to cool Raspberry Pi projects, a detailed Twilio interview, and a CIO-level article about “Fast Data”. I also added several IoT conferences to the listing in this issue, so check out the upcoming events!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Lightstreamer 6.0 Released

Lightstreamer Blog

Jan 21 2015

Introduces support for native push notifications in Android and iOS, monitoring dashboards, remote java adapters, and more.

5 favorite Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects

Frank Thomas-Hockey,

Jan 19 2015

Quick summary of Pi-Top (laptop using Raspberry Pi), RasbiTab (a tablet using Linux running on a Pi), Espruino (Javascript based microcontroller), Sam (electronics development kit), and Pinoccio (a mesh network of devices).

How Patrick McKenzie (patio11) Builds Twilio Apps

Greg Baugues, Twilio Blog

Jan 20 2015

Lengthy but very informative interview with famed developer Patrick McKenzie on what he’s learned using Twilio.

WebRTC, Web 3.0 & Telephony’s Last Chance

Chad Hart, NoJitter

Jan 15 2015

“WebRTC offers the telephony community a much needed lifeline — a chance to work with, not against, the Web.”

Appbase launches real-time, events-based database API

Janet Wagner, ProgrammableWeb

Jan 22 2015

“The Appbase API allows developers to build scalable applications that include real-time events functionality and collaborative and full-text search features.”

‘Fast Data’ Applications Emerge to Manage Real-Time Data

Randy Bean, CIO Journal in Wall Street Journal

Jan 6 2015

Wherein the author suggests that Big Data is a little boring because it deals with historical data, and the next wave of data analysis is all about analyzing data fast in real-time.

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