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RealTimeWeekly #62


12 Jan RealTimeWeekly #62

In addition to some interesting articles and videos on IoT, WebRTC, AT&T’s WebRTC solution, and pubsub, we also have a lot of updates to the events listing for 2015 – check it out for one near you so you can go network with other great real time development companies! In particular note a webinar coming up this week by Tsahi Levent-Levi.

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This week’s Real-Time news

AT&T announces developer tool for WebRTC

Matt Hamblen, Computer World

Jan 5 2015

AT&T is now on the bandwagon as the first US telephone carrier to support WebRTC calls in the browser. You can see their API docs here, and the idea is that you can build an app around their “enhanced” webrtc API that allows for transitioning of calls seamlessly between desktop, mobile device, and phone.

The worst WebRTC demo yet

Tim Panton

Jan 7 2015

A critique of the demo AT&T used to demonstrate their enhanced WebRTC solution at CES. Not exactly flattering of AT&T, but regardless of the value that AT&T may or may not be providing, Tim also raises interesting points about what the proper user experience should be in WebRTC applications. Video included of a presentation he made at TADHack in 2014, during which he shows a more creative application of WebRTC to customer service where the video is used to scan a QR code and inspect a damaged device before it is returned.

Publish/subscribe with Postgres and Node.js

Pelle Wessman

Jan 5 2015

Pelle introduces the pg-pubsub npm module that allows a Node.js app to use Postgresql’s NOTIFY and LISTEN features to create a simple pubsub pattern.

Exploring the Protocols of IoT

Jimbo, SparkFun

Jan 5 2015

An overview of two protocols for Internet of Things communications between devices: MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) and CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol). Code samples for using MQTT on an Arduino are included. Good post if you’re thinking about how to monitor for real time data updates from multiple devices.

HTML5DevConf Videos Posted

A number of videos from the Autumn 2014 HTML5DevConf and Internet of Things Architecture conferences have been posted this week, here are a few notable ones related to real time and IoT development:
IoTaConf Oct 2014: Todd Montgomery, Kaazing: IoT Connectivity, Standards & Architecture
HTML5DevConf Oct 2014: Matthew Sibigtroth “The Physical Web”
HTML5DevConf Oct 2014: Stewart Christie “Building a Nodebot with Javascript and the Intel XDK “
IoTaConf Oct 2014: Olivier Bloch “Using Microsoft tools and platforms to build the IoT”

The FTC Warns Internet Of Things Businesses To Bake In Privacy And Security

Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch

Jan 8 2015

The Consumer Expo Show last week in Las Vegas generated a lot of discussion about the Internet of Things, including this conversation from the US Federal Trade Commission on the things they believe companies to address about ubiquitous data collection, privacy around consumer data, associated security risks.

Tech world feels its way through the dark in internet of things

Richard Waters, Financial Times

Jan 8 2015

Beyond the technical and privacy challenges of the Internet of Things, there is the problem of how will companies make money, and what do consumers want? This Financial Times article talks about the IoT discussions at the CES this week and includes a good video at the end.

What to expect next: A cloud platform for the Internet of things

Jesus Rodriguez, VentureBeat

Jan 8 2015

Looking ahead to next big trends in the IoT, this venture article expects to see more investments and advancements coming in IoT Platform as a Service offerings. And here’s another article in Fast Company from a venture capitalist on the “The Big Future for Tiny Machines”.

The Future of WebRTC and Video Banking: 4 Use Cases

Scott Lomond, TokBox

Jan 7 2015

TokBox CEO’s perspective on how WebRTC will change the future of banking. Not just customer service and tellers, but also higher end services like wealth management.

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