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RealTimeWeekly #59

22 Dec RealTimeWeekly #59

This week’s issue covers some updates from the WebRTC Paris conference, the Internet of Things toy-factor, real time streaming data, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Summary of WebRTC Paris

Alan Quayle

Dec 2014

Alan’s summary of the recent WebRTC conference in Paris, with links to the hackathon winners and also his presentation on WebRTC for non-Telco developers. It sounds like it was a great event, I wish I could have been there! Congratulations to for taking home the most innovative prize!

Andrew Sorensen on Real Time Programming, Live Coding Music, Memory Management

Werner Schuster, InfoQ

Dec 13 2014

An interview about how Andrew uses real time programming for live audiovisual theater, and the unique challenges it presents.

What you need to know for the hardware-software convergence

Jon Bruner, O’Reilly Media

Dec 18 2014

A nice reading list summary of O’Reilly books that you may want to check out covering topics from Pi’s and Arduino’s to design thinking to programming languages, iBeacons, and hardware business models. Good holiday reading for you!

Upperside WebRTC conference – WebRTC intro

Victor Pascual

Dec 16 2014

This is the slide deck from a recent WebRTC presentation by Victor – and although there’s no voice over to go with it and provide the context for all the slides there is still interesting information within.

The Internet Of Things Is Not A Shiny New Toy

Marc Canter, TechCrunch

Dec 21 2014

The Internet of Things has an image problem. Consumers are rejecting things like Google Glass and many fitness wearables, and don’t see the impact of Machine to Machine communications on their lives. Marc Canter says we’re missing the point and the possibilities.

WebRTC PaaS in 2014

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Dec 22 2014

A talk from WebRTC Paris by Tsahi and Amir Zmora covering the current state of WebRTC API vendors.

Realtime MongoDB to Fetch and Stream Report Data

Shyam Purkayastha, PubNub

Dec 16 2014

Tutorial combining python, PubNub and MongoDB to show how to stream real-time data updates using stock prices as an example.

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