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RealTimeWeekly #57

08 Dec RealTimeWeekly #57

I feel like there have been so many great articles and tutorials on real time technologies lately that I’m behind. You’ll see that reflected in the dates on some of these posts this week and next as I continue to catch up! Lots of great stuff today including posts on WebRTC, Twilio, Firebase, Amazon, Pusher, AngularJS, and more.

And if like me, you’re getting excited about the final Middle Earth movie coming up, you might want to check out the Google project about The Hobbit which uses WebGL and WebRTC. You can play it on company time I think since it involves WebRTC.

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This week’s Real-Time news

How to Train a Dog with JavaScript

Chad Hart, webrtcH4cKS

Nov 11 2014

A very cool tutorial combining SimpleWebRTC, Twilio, Tessels,, Node.js and more to send pictures when his dog gets on the couch and try to train him not to. Very comprehensive walk through with code and architecture diagrams.

Using Firebase from a Dart client and server

Anders Forsell

Nov 30 2014

Building a multiplayer chess game using Polymer, Dart, and Firebase. Builds on a previous post we included in last week’s real time weekly.

What Twilio’s NTS Service Means to WebRTC Developers and to Other WebRTC API Platform Vendors

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Nov 25 2014

Twilio’s new Network Traversal Service offering means they are making more of a play in the video and WebRTC market.

Check Who’s In The Office In Realtime With AngularJS

Jamie Patel, Pusher Blog

Nov 2014

Tutorial using the Pusher messaging service and AngularJS for displaying who is in the office currently.

RealTime communication and IoT walks hand in hand (Video)

Uffe Björklund, XSockets

Nov 2014

Very good presentation from the NDC Conferences showing how to build real time applications using XSockets and C#.

Go Old School: Build a Pager Using Arduino, Node.js and Twilio

Ricky Robinett, Twilio Blog

Nov 24 2014

Ah yes, I remember pagers. Why should you learn to build one? Well, not to “party like it’s 1998″ as Ricky suggests, but because it’s a good way to learn to connect Twilio with an IoT device like Arduino. Besides, who knows, maybe pages will make a retro comeback?

0 to Nodebots in 45 minutes

Katie Kurkoski

Nov 16 2014

A presentation from the Nodevember conference where Katie goes over different IoT platforms and shows how to connect them to Node.js. Includes Arduino, Johnny-Five, and of course Javascript.

Why Realtime uses Amazon DynamoDB

João Parreira,

Nov 2014

Why went to Amazon DynamoDB for its real time data synch.

Q&A: Why io.js decided to fork Node.js

Paul Krill, InfoWorld

Dec 4 2014

There is a new Node.js sherrif in town, and it’s name is io.js. Where is the conflict coming from? Paul finds out in this interview.

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