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RealTimeWeekly #54

17 Nov RealTimeWeekly #54

Some interesting announcements last week! Skype for Web, Amazon Lambda, and a new Pi model.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Building mobile apps faster with Firebase

Andrew Lee, Google Cloud Platform Blog

Nov 11 2014

Some updates from a Google Product Manager on the use of Firebase in the Google Cloud Platform now that Google has bought Firebase. Includes link to a conference talk where they demonstrate Firebase, and I would also like to say “hooray for enhanced query support!”

Skype for Web (Beta) includes WebRTC

Jonathan Watson, Skype blog

Nov 14 2014

Skype starts to integrate WebRTC and ORTC into its application for web based usage. Requires a plug in on Internet Explorer for now. More commentary here.

Raspberry Pi Model A+ Arrives — The Cheapest And Smallest Pi Yet

Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch

Nov 10 2014

The price drops $5, it’s smaller and more power efficient.

Amazon Launches Lambda, An Event-Driven Compute Service

Ron Miller, TechCrunch

Nov 13 2014

A number of interesting announcements were made at TechCrunch disrupt that will have an impact on real time development. Lambda ncorporates a stream processing architecture with data triggers. Some thoughts on re:Invent here from blogger Ben Whaley.

A Free WebRTC Report and a Whitepaper

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Nov 15 2014

Tsahi’s report on WebRTC for Business People is now available free due to sponsorship from Kandy. Interesting report as always from Tsahi.

VP8 and H.264 to both become mandatory for WebRTC

Andreas Gal

Nov 16 2014

The latest updates on the video codec debates. Hacker News discussion here.

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