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RealTimeWeekly #53

10 Nov RealTimeWeekly #53

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey last week marking our first year of publication of RealTimeWeekly! We’re already getting some great insights from you all, but there is still time to contribute your suggestions and get a free e-book.

To get your free copy of “Building Real Time Web Apps using Node.js, Pub/Sub networks and WebRTC”

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Thanks for reading!

This week’s Real-Time news

How Google Will Use Firebase to Supercharge Its Cloud Computing

Cade Metz,

Nov 4 2014

Interesting article about the business strategy behind Google’s acquisition of real time database Firebase.

The Internet-Connected Engine Will Change Trucking

George Westerman, Harvard Business Review

Nov 4 2014

This is another business focused article that highlights the strategic power of the Internet of Things and real time development related to it.

Building multiplayer games with Angular

Ari Lerner, ng-newsletter

Nov 1 2014

Getting back to technical posts, this in depth technical tutorial will help you build a multi player game in Angular and

Making a Guitar Tuner with HTML5

Jonathan Bergknoff

Nov 1 2014

Using GetUserMedia to build a guitar tuner, link to code included. Now if only there were a way that web audio api could make me actually play guitar better! Hat tip to HTML5Weekly

7 Principles of Rich Web Applications

Guillermo Rauch

Nov 4 2014

Great read on principles we should keep in mind when architecting real time applications, including controlling the data exchange with back ends and reacting to data changes to build richer web applications.

The team that created Kafka is leaving LinkedIn to build a company around it

Derrick Harris, Gigaom

Nov 6 2014

The team behind a key part of LinkedIn’s architecture is leaving to start Confluent, a company built on the Apache Kafka technology for multiple streams of real time information.

Google and Mozilla told to limit browser’s ability to watch users

Nick Heath, ZDNet

Nov 6 2014

In presentations about WebRTC, the built in security protections and permissions model to access the browser’s camera and microphone are regularly touted. But is it enough to ensure use of WebRTC that respects privacy concerns? These European security researchers do not think so.

Introduction to Sails.js (Video)

Nick Hostetler, Modern Web Conference

Oct 18 2014

Overview of the Sails.js framework for Node.js applications, including how it builds in support.

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