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RealTimeWeekly #52

03 Nov RealTimeWeekly #52

This issue marks our first full year of publishing RealTimeWeekly! It’s been very exciting, and we hope you’ve learned as much as we have. To mark the occasion, we’re offering a free copy of our e-book to anyone who fills out our survey:

To get your free copy of “Building Real Time Web Apps using Node.js, Pub/Sub networks and WebRTC”

Your responses to our survey will help us to make the next year even more informative – we want your feedback!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!

This week’s Real-Time news

Microsoft nears bringing WebRTC to Internet Explorer, eyes plugin-free Skype calls in the browser

Emil Protalinski, VentureBeat

Oct 27 2014

Microsoft takes another step towards supporting WebRTC in IE, and presumably responding to the announcements by Mozilla earlier this year about including WebRTC calls directly in Firefox. Additional analysis from Dean Bubley at Disruptive Wireless and Tsahi Levent-Levi at

WebRTC chat with React.js

Minko Gechev

Sep 3 2014

Detailed code tutorial

Nexmo Announces Verify, An API To Help Developers Confirm Users’ Phone Numbers

Alex Wilhelm, TechCrunch

Oct 28 2014

The API allows for verification of a user’s identity through SMS to their phone.

WebRTC Market Status & Forecasts, 2014 Edition

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Wireless

Dean is offering for purchase a new edition of his comprehensive reports on the WebRTC industry and forecasts based on his research.

Minneapolis firm awards beer to workers who fill out their timecards

Washington Times

Oct 29 2014

Falling into the category of “cool ways to get your company a little attention”, this design firm used Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s to make a system to only dispense a free beer to an employee after they fill out timecards. I hate filling out timecards, but I sure do like beer. I am so torn by this concept!

Conference Video: Raspberry Pi’s and Node.js

Allan Naranjo, AgilityFeat

Oct 31 2014

My colleague Allan shared his experiences at the HTML5Developers Conference and IoT Conference in San Francisco. You can see his slides and catch the talk in this post.

Tracking the International Space Station in Real Time

Pusher blog

Pusher has published a couple of interesting real time demo’s recently to check out. Real Time traffic cameras in London and Tracking the International Space Station in real time.

PubNub unfurls Stream Controller

Michael Vizard, ProgrammableWeb

Oct 31 2014

PubNub is releasing a controller to allow you to combine multiple streams of data into one, like a Twitter feed. Learn more about how it works on the PubNub blog.

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