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RealTimeWeekly #50

20 Oct RealTimeWeekly #50

I’m here in San Francisco today attending the HTML5 Developers Conference, and the Internet of Things Conference. If you’re here too, look for my colleague Allan Naranjo presenting tomorrow, or for some RealTimeWeekly stickers floating around!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!

This week’s Real-Time news

Websockets and AngularJS Developer Blog


Technical blog post about how The Guardian dev team implemented a feature for notifying CMS users that others are working on the same article at the same time (somewhat similar to Google Docs).

The Internet of Things Meets Big Data

Chris Curran for BigThink

Aug 7 2014

I just came across this interesting video monologue about how the combination of the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine communications (M2M), and BigData all combine to create new business applications and data architectures that companies are just beginning to consider.

PeerMesh and WebRTC: An Interview with Cagatay and Emre

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Oct 16, 2014

Interesting GIS application of the WebRTC Data Channel.

Tutorial: Build your own Google TV Using RaspberryPi, NodeJS and

Donald Derek, Codementor

Oct 13 2014

Code tutorial on build a prototype like Google TV that you can control from your phone.

Hello Firefox! Mozilla’s browser gets built-in WebRTC video chat through Telefónica partnership

David Meyer, Gigaom

Oct 16 2014

“Users of the Firefox 34 beta will be able to have anonymous, WebRTC-based voice and video chats from the browser itself, with no need to install an add-on or plugin, or even to visit any special webpage.”

Send Daily Animated Gifs Using Firebase, Giphy, Node.js and Twilio MMS

Ricky Robinett, Twilio

Oct 16 2014

Title pretty much says it all – a fun little app to build and play with texting images.

Rescuing Checked Exceptions in Asynchronous Java Code

Dario Crivelli, InfoQ

Oct 15 2014

Real time applications by nature involve asynchronous code, and handling exceptions can be more complicated. Dario is a developer with Lightstreamer and provides a detailed technical post on how to handle those exceptions in Java.

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