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RealTimeWeekly #49

13 Oct RealTimeWeekly #49

Some interesting content from PubNub, Firebase, and Twilio this week, plus WebRTC updates. Also, 2015 is just around the corner – are you starting to plan events for next year? Let me know so I can include them here!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!

This week’s Real-Time news

The Real-time Web in 2014 & Beyond

Phil Leggetter

Sep 29 2014

A user group talk video where renowned real-time expert and author Phil Leggetter discusses the future of Real Time Internet Apps and how “new technologies we have now give us the opportunity to innovate sooner than ever before.”

iPhone 6 FaceTime now Supports H.265. Where is VP9 for WebRTC?

Tshai Levent-Levi,

Oct 13 2014

Latest thoughts from Tsahi on the video codec debates for WebRTC.

Quick Word Cloud from a Chatroom with D3js

Tomomi Imura, PubNub

Oct 9 2014

You’ve seen tag clouds on blogs before, what about creating one from a live chat room? PubNub shows you how using D3js.

Dash launches Chassis API, exposes connected car data to third-party developers

Candice McMillan, Programmable Web

Oct 8 2014

Interesting api that will let you build apps off real-time data from a car, with a snazzy buzzword I should have expected … “the internet of cars.” Got a cool API real time developers may be interested in? Share it with me!

Tweaking The Behavior of User Media Streams in Twilio Client

Al Cook, Twilio

Oct 10 2014

Twilio’s latest client API update gives you access to control more about the underlying WebRTC primitives like GetUserMedia. Interesting example of where this was useful to solve a bug for microphones in a Windows Chrome browser.

Realtime Internet of Things Development with Firebase

Jenny Tong, Firebase

Sep 22 2014

Quick example showing using Firebase with a Pi and an Arduino to display Bitcoin pricing.

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