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RealTimeWeekly #44

08 Sep RealTimeWeekly #44

There are a lot of great tutorials in this week’s edition … what I thought was going to be a quiet week instead has given me a lot of cool ideas that I’ll never have time for! I hope you have a little more time this week though so that we can all dive into some of these tutorials and articles using Node.js, Arduino, PubNub, WebRTC, WebSockets, Raspberry Pi, and more!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!

This week’s Real-Time news

Playing with WebSockets for Fun and Profit: Debugging Remote Machines

Ketan Padegaonkar, ThoughtWorks

Sep 5 2014

Nice blog post showing how to use WebSockets via the Faye library with a Ruby Sinatra server.

Socket.IO 1.1.0 released

Sep 4 2014

Release notes for Socket.IO release from last week

WebRTC JTBD: Reducing End Customer Friction

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Sep 7 2014

Series about the “Job To Be Done” for WebRTC – highlighting the values of WebRTC.

Doodle with Strangers! Multi-User HTML5 Canvas in 4 Steps

Tomomi Imura, PubNub

Sep 3 2014

Using the HTML5Canvas and PubNub to make a real time collaborative drawing space.

Building a Chat App with node-webkit, Firebase, and AngularJS

Arvind Ravulavaru, SitePoint

Sep 3 2014

Tutorial to build a desktop based chat app with Firebase as the real time data store. Hat tip to JavaScript Weekly

Use NodeJS and Arduino to build a weather display

Todd Lawton, Node Disassemble!

Sep 4 2014

Nice tutorial to start interaction with devices from an Arduino using the Johnny-Five API. Hat tip to JavaScript Weekly

Raspberry Pi Gets A Better Browser

Raspberry Pi

Sep 1 2014

The improved browser called Epiphany includes better HTML5 support. Also more here on Marco Barisione’s blog.

Raspberry Pi License Plate Recognition

Aug 30 2014

Demonstration of using a Raspberry Pi and an open source library OpenALPR for automatic license plate recognition.

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