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RealTimeWeekly #43

01 Sep RealTimeWeekly #43

More news on the the ORTC/WebRTC standards this week, plus articles on WebSockets, Arduinos, and Internet of Things.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Federated Identity for IoT with OAuth

Paul Fremantle, InfoQ

Aug 22 2014

Interesting presentation on authentication across devices that need to communicate with each other in real-time. Discussion of pub/sub style patterns and authentication between arduino’s as an example. On a similar note, a recent op-ed in EETimes also talks about open authentication and discovery needs for the IoT.

Have Google and Microsoft Come Together on Browser-Based Video Chat?

Steve Anderson, WebRTC World

Aug 21 2014

Commentary on what the recent ORTC and WebRTC announcements mean for interoperability. You might also want to check out this HackerNews discussion.

Decrypting Google’s Roadmap for WebRTC

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Aug 28 2014

Detailed analysis of what google has said about their WebRTC roadmap and what it may mean.

Chrome – Firefox WebRTC Interop Test – Pt 1

Patrik Höglund, GoogleTesting blog

Aug 26 2014

First part in an upcoming series of blog posts on scripting a test of WebRTC interoperability between Chrome and Firefox.

Real-time Gaming with Node.js + WebSocket on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Blog

How to Build a Real-time Interactive Game with Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine. HT to NodeWeekly.

Growing Translation Software Now Works with WebRTC

Casey Houser, WebRTC World

Aug 28 2014

By adding WebRTC, Translate Your World now offers web support. Interesting concept to watch for real time language translation.

Screencasting as an extension – why is it any different than WebRTC video?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Sep 1 2014

Helpful review of the security requirements around SSL vs HTTP connections, screencasting in Chrome, and why screencasting requires stronger permissions.

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