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RealTimeWeekly #42

25 Aug RealTimeWeekly #42

The big news is the release of the ORTC specification and what that implies for WebRTC in the future. In short, the good news is they should live happily together for now at least.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Reconciliation draws closer for Skype-like chat on the Web

Stephen Shankland, CNET

Aug 19 2014

The latest updates on WebRTC vs ORTC … looks like there is progress on combining the best of both concepts. Also more coverage here.

Large Scale Event Tracking with RabbitMQ

Dr. Claire Fautsch, InfoQ

Aug 13 2014

If you’re trying to do real-time data analysis or just logging a lot of real-time events for later replay or analysis, you will find this architectural discussion very interesting. Also on a similar topic, check out this InfoQ presentation on Distributed Data Ingestion with RabbitMQ.

Web RTC and Designing Realtime Experiences (Podcast)

The Web Platform Podcast

Aug 19 2014

In this podcast, our team at AgilityFeat had the pleasure of speaking with Erik Isaksen and Christian Smith about WebRTC, and more broadly, designing for real-time systems. Guests were developer Allan Naranjo, UX designer Mariana Lopez, and myself.

WebRTC – A viable alternative to Skype


Aug 18 2014

If you have been following WebRTC or this newsletter for a while, then you may not learn anything new about WebRTC from this particular post. But I decided to include it anyways because I think it’s interesting to read how he become aware of WebRTC specifically because of frustrations with using Skype on linux.

WebRTC Still at Its Infancy: Not Enough DevOps to Go Around

Tsahi Levent-Levi, NoJitter

Aug 20 2014

If you’re looking for a skillset in demand for WebRTC work, devops may be it based on this survey and analysis from Tsahi.

A Second Act For The Internet Of Things

David Hirsch, TechCrunch


A venture capitalist and former Google’r writes about phase two of the Internet of Things, the human element. Spoiler alert: You’re being watched and data is going to be gathered about you! All the better for the future robot swarms. ;-)

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