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RealTimeWeekly #41

18 Aug RealTimeWeekly #41

Good variety of articles and tutorials this week covering WebSockets with Kaazing,, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, WebRTC, and Pusher!

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This week’s Real-Time news

WebGL & Real-time Web Communication

Peter Moskovits and Victor Sand, Kaazing

Aug 10 2014

Building interactive real time WebGL applications on top of the Kaazing framework.

Smartphone Rocket Launcher

Helen Lynn,

Aug 13 2014

Fun article and video showing how a developer used a Raspberry Pi to launch model rockets from their smartphone.

2014 WebRTC Report Preview: 900m Business/Enterprise Users of WebRTC by 2019

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Wireless

Aug 13 2014

This preview of Dean’s next WebRTC report offers a preview on the growth of business related users in WebRTC applications.

Real Time Analytics with Node.js and

Mark Rabey

May 5 2014

Creating a simple app for showing real-time visits and analytics for a web page. Hat tip to NodeWeekly.

Who can you trust with your WebRTC service?

Chris Kranky

Aug 5 2014

Startups come and go, the WebRTC service provider space is no different. Should you build your own WebRTC platform or use a 3rd party provider?

Pusher Realtime Reddit API

Robin Hawkes,

Aug 12 2014

Tutorial to use WebSockets and to create a real-time interface based on a REST-based API, using Reddit as an example.

JavaScript: A Digital Clock with Johnny-Five

Rick Waldron,

Aug 13 2014

Code tutorial to program an LED digital clock with an Arduino.

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