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RealTimeWeekly #39

04 Aug RealTimeWeekly #39

The sad news of the week is that GoInstant is shutting down this month. We’ve also got some interesting posts on using Pusher, designing for real-time, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

GoInstant to shut down August 31st

GoInstant Blog

Aug 1 2014

On August 31 GoInstant is shutting down their real-time messaging platform unfortunately. The stated reason is to focus their efforts on a Salesforce application instead. PubNub has published a transition guide for those looking for a new home for their GoInstant based applications.

WebRTC Chat using Pusher

Pusher Blog

Jul 29 2014

Excellent tutorial from Pusher showing how to use their WebSockets api for signaling in a WebRTC application.

Judge Microsoft’s Change by Speed of WebRTC Adoption

Doug Mohney, WebRTC World

Jul 28 2014

Is Microsoft beginning to line up with WebRTC?

Design for Realtime

Dominic Nguyen, Percolate Studio blog

Jun 3 2014

Older post that I just came across from the Pusher newsletter, but this is worth a read. Short video examples of positive user interaction for a mobile app with data updating in real time.

Microsoft Tackles Internet-of-Things With New Data Stream Processing Service

Richard Seroter, InfoQ

Jul 22 2014

Microsoft is releasing a preview of Azure Event Hubs, which “is for high throughput ingress of data streams generated by devices and services. Event Hubs resembles Amazon Kinesis and uses an identical pricing scheme based on data processing units and transaction volume.”

Building Real-time Web Applications with Stratified JavaScript (Presentation)

Alexander Fritze, InfoQ

Jul 24 2014

“Alexander Fritze shows how to build real-time web app with Conductance, a web app server built on Stratified JavaScript which includes support for modularity and composability of asynchronous code.”

Why Node.JS is ideal for the Internet of Things

Matt Robinson, Programmable Web

Jul 31 2014

Includes tips for integrating Node into your IoT architecture.

How does Hangouts use WebRTC?

Philipp Hancke, webrtcH4cKS

July 29 2014

An analysis of how WebRTC is being used in the latest version of Chrome by the Google Hangouts team, including non-standard WebRTC items they are doing.

Introduction to TADSummit 2014

Alan Quayle, TADS Blog

Jul 24 2014

Insight into the upcoming TADSummit in Instanbul in November.

Video: Real-Time Communication for Everyone

Lisa Larson-Kelley,

July 16 2014

Video from a recent conference presentation on the basics of WebRTC, presented at the Gotham Ruby conference in NYC.

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