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RealTimeWeekly #38

28 Jul RealTimeWeekly #38

A variety of interesting articles this week, everything from how to build your own Pub/Sub network on top of Amazon, another example of building Pub/Sub on top of Redis, and WebRTC content.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Propono: Pub/Sub for Ruby

Jeremy Walker

Jul 21 2014

Using the Propono Ruby gem to build a pub/sub application based on Amazon servers which allows different modules of a Service Oriented Architecture to communicate with each other.

Will Mobile Help or Hinder WebRTC?

Tsahi Levent-Levi, NoJitter

Jul 22 2014

Even though WebRTC is not fully supported on mobile devices yet, Tsahi makes the case why WebRTC is still a logical choice with mobile in mind.

Using Twilio with Xamarin

Mike Bluestein

Jul 23 2014

Xamarin is a tool for building android and iOS apps, this post shows how to integrate it with Twilio for VOIP calls.

Horizontally Scaling Node.js and WebSockets with Redis

James Simpson, Goldfire Studios

Jul 23 2014

Spreading the load across multiple servers for an online game using WebSockets, with Redis as a way to communicate between the servers using Pub/Sub. Hat tip to NodeWeekly.

HTML5DevConf Video: 6 Months with WebRTC

Arin Sime, AgilityFeat

Jul 20 2014

Video from the conference talk that I gave in May in San Francisco on our team’s experiences using WebRTC in our first application earlier this year.

A WebRTC application? Just try and leave Gmail

Chris Kranky

Jul 27 2014

Chris laments the potential loss of privacy by using the big name free email providers, and suggests a competing service could make use of WebRTC.

ARM-powered Wireless Platform Opens Doors for Internet of Things

Tom Vu, PubNub blog

Jul 25 2014

Overview of the Flutter Wireless project, which is a secure radio-based wireless device for use in IoT projects that provides a range of over 1km.

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