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RealTimeWeekly #37

21 Jul RealTimeWeekly #37

Topics this week include WebSockets, WebRTC, and the Internet of Things!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Evolving REST for an IoT World

Todd Montgomery, Kaazing

July 9 2014

InfoQ presentation: “Todd Montgomery explains using WebSocket and reactive programming in an event driven RESTful architecture for the emerging IoT world.”

Singapore Startup Temasys Builds Next Generation Web Communication

Susan Cunningham, Forbes Asia

July 14 2014

Light piece giving an overview of WebRTC, Temasys and their Skyway platform.

What are Carriers Doing With WebRTC? Everything But IMS

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

July 17 2014

Tsahi says Telecoms need to realize that WebRTC is not just another access point to IMS.

Exception Handling in Asynchronous Java Code

Dario Crivelli, Lightstreamer

July 17 2014

Detailed technical post on a code pattern for handling exceptions in your real-time server implementations.

Hands On Lab: Real-Time Web Applications with SignalR

Web Camps

July 16 2014

For the .NET developers, this detailed lab walks you through using SignalR to work with WebSockets and RPC’s.

Disruptive IoT Innovation

Avi Itzkovitch, UX Magazine

July 14 2014

Use cases of how creative applications of the Internet of Things can add value to connected devices and your life.

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