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RealTimeWeekly #35

07 Jul RealTimeWeekly #35

Interesting range of topics today, covering IoT, WebRTC, pub/sub messaging, HTML5 audio, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

How We Replaced Our Data Pipeline With Zero Downtime

Ryan Horn, Twilio Blog

June 26 2014

Interesting architectural post on how Twilio sharded a high volume MySQL database in production.

Cisco Acquires WebRTC Smarts

Sarah Reedy, LightReading


“Cisco has added to its toolbox of video conferencing and collaboration tools with the acquisition of Assemblage, a San Francisco-based startup focused on cloud communications.”

From Missiles To The Pitch: The Story Behind World Cup Tech

National Public Radio

July 2 2014

Short but interesting radio interview about how optical tracking software originally developed for missile tracking is being used for tracking players in World Cup matches to provide real time data streams.

5 Libraries and APIs for Manipulating HTML5 Audio

Louis Lazaris, SitePoint

June 26 2014

Overvew of a few libraries and helpers for the HTML5 WebAudio API: webaudiox.js, Howler.js, Pedalboard.js, Wad, and Fifer. Also relevant here is the intro to the WebAudio api that we carried in a recent issue of RealTimeWeekly, as well as this tutorial on HTML5 Audio Capture in NodeJS.

Why is there only a Single Voice Codec in WebRTC?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

July 3 2014

Comparison of the G.711 and Opus voice codecs in WebRTC.

Live Code a Robot and control it from the web

Matteo Collina, LXJS 2014 Conference video

June 28 2014

Demo of using MQTT pub/sub protocol for Internet of Things development. Hattip to NodeWeekly

Extending Back-End Systems to the Real-Time Web

Peter Moskovits, App Developer Magazine

July 2 2014

An explanation of pub/sub messaging and it’s use in enterprises.

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