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RealTimeWeekly #34

30 Jun RealTimeWeekly #34

The big news last week is that Hangouts is transitioning to use WebRTC as expected, and there are also videos available from the Kranky Geek WebRTC show in San Francisco last week. Also great commentary from Dean Bubley on the WebRTC expo, Websockets and messaging code examples, my commentary on ethical design considerations for apps using cameras, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Google Hangouts Will No Longer Require A Plugin For Chrome Users

Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch

June 27 2014

Hangouts is starting to use WebRTC so Chrome users won’t need a plugin.

WebRTC – The Good and The Bad

Alan Percy, NoJitter

June 24 2014

The good and the bad takeaways from the recent WebRTC World event in Atlanta.

To get the most out of WebRTC, integrate it into existing collaboration tools

Ashan Willy, Polycom (writing on NetworkWorld)

June 23 2014

Tech primer on WebRTC and commentary that it’s still best used with plugins that provide more cross browser compatibility.

User experience is king in the WebRTC world

Dan Inge Aas,

June 20 2014

Users don’t care about WebRTC, they care about the experience.

Enjoying FIFA World Cup with Simple, yet Powerful Technologies

Valerio Celletti, Lightstreamer blog

June 26 2014

A follow up post showing screen shots and discussing the 2nd screen real-time experience they created for a World Cup application.

Amazon Fire and the changing ethics of ubiquitous cameras

Arin Sime, writing on Medium

June 27 2014

In this commentary I propose a starting list of ethical guidelines for developing applications using WebRTC or other camera based technologies.

Websockets For Real-time And Interactive Interfaces

Jason Ronallo, ACRL TechConnect

June 17 2014

Case studies of how a library used Websockets to create more interactive applications.

The Easiest Way to Create a Realtime RSS Feed Using Python and JavaScript

Madison Smith, PubNub

June 11 2014

Code examples of how to create a real time feed of posts from HackerNews using PubNub.

Quick thoughts from WebRTC Expo last week

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Wireless

June 26 2014

Lots of interesting observations from Dean on the WebRTC Expo in Atlanta recently, the resurgence of plugins, pure WebRTC, and applications of WebRTC.

An App That Captures Emotions In Real Time

Corinne Iozzio,

June 27 2014

A write on Intel’s new Pocket Avatars messaging app that Intel built as a way to showcase their facial recognition technology. This is an app that I also mentioned in my article on Medium mentioned above.

My Thoughts on Kranky Geek WebRTC Show

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

June 30 2014

Videos and summary from the excellent WebRTC event hosted last week at Google by Chris Koehncke and Tsahi Levent-Levi.

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