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RealTimeWeekly #30

02 Jun RealTimeWeekly #30

We’ve got some interesting reads this week, from’s v1.0 release, to the mystery Firefox/TokBox announcement, and a few code samples to check out! We also added a new event to the listing that you should definitely check out – prolific WebRTC bloggers Tsahi Levent-Levi and Chris Kroehnke are putting on a WebRTC one day conference in San Francisco in June. More details at:

As always, if you have tips, announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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This week’s Real-Time news

Introducing Socket.IO 1.0

Guillermo Rauch

May 28 2014 has been released as version 1.0, with a number of improvements including better debugging, multi-node scalability, sending of binary data, and the separation of browser incompatibility logic to a separate

Firefox Nightly gets WebRTC communications service powered by TokBox’s OpenTok video and voice platform

Emil Protalinski, the Next Web

May 29 2014

Not sure yet what this will mean, but it appears interesting things are brewing with a partnership between TokBox and Firefox for an “experimental” WebRTC feature. Here’s the announcement from TokBox and announcement from Mozilla, and consideration of what this means on BlogGeek. Sounds to me like you will be able to call other browser users directly via Firefox, but no details are provided in these articles around discovery of those people to call.

Google Looking At Dropcam And The Home Security Market

Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

May 27 2014

Google is apparently not stopping with Nest, and has more plans to enter what we can loosely call the Internet of Things (IoT) market. Next stop could be acquiring Dropcam.

Here Come the WebRTC WordPress Plugins

Tsah Levent-Levi,

May 27 2014

Tsahi lists a number of WebRTC based plugins available now for WordPress sites, and wonders why there aren’t more success stories in this area yet.

Choosing your Realtime Web App Tech Stack (Video)

Phil Leggetter at Future Insights conference

Jan 15 2014

Presentation from last year that’s worth seeing again. Phil covers “what realtime web solutions are available, and the key points you should consider, when building a web application on some of the most common technology stacks.”

Scribble With: Collaborative Whiteboard


Collaborative whiteboard built on Nodejs, express, and WebSockets. Code base on github. Hat tip to NodeWeekly.

FeathersJS: Real-time events via SocketIO on top of Express

“Feathers makes it easy to get REST and real-time APIs running by using Services.” Code example of how to use it to build a real-time to-do list. Hat tip to NodeWeekly. WebRTC, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Awesome

Luis López Fernández for webrtcH4cKS

May 27 2014

Kurento is an open source media server that Professor Fernández built as part of the FI-WARE European Research project. Supports WebRTC and does real time processing of the video to add overlays and effects. This excellent post goes over the architecture and provides code samples.

RailsConf 2014 – WebRTC Changes Communications Forever

Greg Baugues, RailsConf 2014

May 26 2014

Video from RailsConf 2014 presentation by Greg Baugues of Twilio on WebRTC.

Which WebRTC API Platform Will get Acquired Next?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

May 29 2014

With the recent Snapchat acquisition of AddLive, Tsahi notes recent announcments of Temasys and OpenClove about expanding their plugins to wider audiences, and wonders who will be acquired next? Interesting ideas here on the API marketplace and what that implies to those of us using them.

The Once And Future Web Platform

Michael Bleigh, TechCrunch

May 16 2014

Some predictions on the future of the web browser as a platform, including mention of the increased real-time and video aspects that you see in the newest web applications.

Microsoft Demos Real-Time Speech-To-Speech Translation On Skype

Ryan Lawler, Tech Crunch

May 27 2014

In the “sort of relevant to this newsletter but so cool I had to include it” category comes this news: Microsoft is working on real-time speech to speech translation in Skype. I agree with Lisa Larson-Kelley, they should have named it Babel Fish.

5 reasons why you need to learn WebRTC right now

Lisa Larson-Kelley, Pluralsight

May 28 2014

You probably already know this since you read our newsletter – but you should be learning WebRTC! Need to convince a peer? Lisa gives you some ammunition for that discussion.

Making Your Apartment Buzzer Party Friendly With Raspberry Pi and Twilio

Kyle Kelly-Yahner, Twilio

May 30 2014

Fun maker-style project for hooking up your apartment’s door buzzer to a messaging server. Complete with duct tape.

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