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RealTimeWeekly #28

19 May RealTimeWeekly #28

This is a big week with WebRTC and real-time news! Temasys offers a cross browser WebRTC plugin, Comcast hints at an interesting WebRTC application, Firebase adds website hosting, Sinch is launched to compete with Twilio, and more. This week is also the HTML5DevConf in San Francisco, which will include a number of WebRTC related sessions, including a session I am co-presenting on “6 Months with WebRTC”. I hope you’ll check it out if you can be there! We have blogged a video of a similar WebRTC talk that I did in New York a few weeks ago. You can expect to hear more on our blog in the next week or two about our talk at the HTML5 conference, as well as a real-time design focused talk we did today at the MoDevUX conference in Washington DC. That’s all coming up, but the news below should keep you busy for a while!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Firebase Adds Web Hosting To Its Database Platform

Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

May 13 2014

Firebase is now offering web hosting in addition to their realtime database platform. CDNs and SSLs built in as well. There’s also discussion about it on Hacker News.

Temasys Plugin Supports WebRTC in Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, on Desktops

Chip Wilcox, Temasys

May 12 2014

Offering a free plugin that is “as close to pureWebRTC as it can be”, Temasys allows you to implement a webRTC solution that also works in IE and Safari. More details in this analysis by on the importance of this release and commentary on WebRTC World comparing Temasys to Adobe.

Comcast and WebRTC

Chris Vitek, SCTC

May 15 2014

Is Comcast using WebRTC in its upcoming X1 product? Strong rumors say yes, and it will enable some cool features like live streaming from your kids sporting events from your phone directly to the grandparents’ tv set.

Realtime Messaging with Pusher

Benjamin Fritsch,

May 13 2014

Quick tutorial showing how Codeship implemented to update their Continuous Integration tool in real-time.

VoIP calling outfit Rebtel launches a challenger to Twilio called Sinch

Kevin Fitchard, Gigaom

May 14 2014

“Rebtel is an OTT communications company with ambitions of being much more than a cheap international calling service. It has spun off its VoIP and messaging network into a new company that will target mobile developers.”

New WebRTC applications and services focus on user experience

Gina Narcisi, Search Unified Communications

May 15 2014

WebRTC deployments are starting to happen, with contact center applications leading the way.

WebRTC and Self-Service

Phil Edholm, NoJitter

May 16 2014

Includes a link to a webinar Phil is doing this Wednesday about WebRTC in the contact center.

OnSIP Allows Web App Developers to Add WebRTC

Stuart Parkerson, App Developer Magazine

May 15 2014

OnSIP is now offering a WebRTC signaling library to make WebRTC integrations easier.

The second annual WebRTC survey

Eleanor Hermon, TokBox blog

May 15 2014

TokBox announces their second annual WebRTC survey, which you can take here.

NGINX as a WebSockets Proxy

Rick Nelson, NGINX

May 16 2014

How to use NGINX as a proxy to load balance WebSockets connections for better performance and availability.

WebRTC Gets Down to Business


Registration required. Presentation on use cases of Twilio and WebRTC.

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