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RealTimeWeekly #27

12 May RealTimeWeekly #27

All the recent news about AddLive and SnapChat lately had me thinking, how can you make a million dollars with WebRTC?. If my post doesn’t give you ideas, maybe some of the other articles this week will inspire your next project!

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This week’s Real-Time news

This Japanese startup makes a killer video conferencing service that aims to replace Skype

JT Quiqley, TechInAsia

May 6 2014

Another WebRTC based video chat application –

Cosign: Our Multisignature Wallet In Development

Ryan X. Charles,

Mar 25 2014

Just last week I was giving a talk on WebRTC in Atlanta and an attendee started to brainstorm ideas for how to use WebRTC in Bitcoin transactions. Well, here’s one solution using the DataChannel to allow for co-signatories on a bitcoin transaction for extra security and theft prevention. Hattip to WebRTCWeekly.

Wheelings & Dealings: Snapchat Acquires WebRTC Company AddLive

Rachel Ramsey, WebRTC World

May 7 2014

More commentary on SnapChat’s acquisition of WebRTC service AddLive.

Frozen Mountain and WebRTC: An Interview With Anton Venema

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

May 8 2014

Frozen Mountain provides a WebRTC api that includes compatible interfaces for IE and Safari.

Amazon and WebRTC

Chris Vitek, NoJitter

May 8 2014

Commentary on the possible ways Amazon is using WebRTC in various products, beyond just MayDay.

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