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RealTimeWeekly #26

05 May RealTimeWeekly #26

Another issue of RealTimeWeekly, and another sale of a WebRTC based startup to announce! Perhaps the most interesting strategic news from last week is the public admission that SnapChat bought WebRTC based AddLive for an undisclosed amount. The other big announcement last week was that Skype is now allowing for free group video calls – is it a reaction to the competitive threat of WebRTC? In addition to WebRTC news, we’ve also got articles for you about Node.js, Angular, GoInstant, and WebSockets.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Snapchat made a secret acquisition to power its new video chat

Ellis Hamburger, TheVerge

May 2 2014

This is just one of many brief articles about the acquisition of AddLive by SnapChat. It’s brief because financial details have not been announced, but the purchase has been publicly confirmed. SnapChat allowed you to send video clips previously in addition to pictures, but now you can do live video chat as well using AddLive’s WebRTC technology. Additional analysis from Tsahi Levent-Levi here, which it’s interesting to note from his analysis that AddLive just has a team of 8 people (Tshai is also worried about the implications this has on the broader WebRTC API market, see his analysis for more). WebRTC startups don’t need to be large to be noticed!

The WebRTC Opportunity with Facebook f8 Announcements

Rachel Ramsey, WebRTC World

Apr 30 2014

Facebook’s goals for the future don’t relate directly to WebRTC, but Rachel sees opportunities to integrate “click to call” features directly into their new ads, as well as their mobile initiatives.

WebRtc: A new industry game-changer?

Georgina Wilczek, Broadband WorldForum conference manager

Apr 30 2014

The Broadband WorldForum conference in Amsterdam this October will have a dedicated part of the exhibition floor for WebRTC applications.

VIDEO: – WebRTC with

Lisa Larson-Kelley,

Apr 28 2014

Video from Lisa’s recent talk at about WebRTC.

15 Best Node.js Frameworks for Developers

Gavin, CodeGeekz

Apr 29 2014

Good list of Node.js frameworks to learn about, including 4 frameworks specific to real-time applications:, Derby.js,, and SocketStream.

WebRTC in 2014: The State of the Market

Larry Hettick, Webtorials

Apr 29 2014

Registration required to access this report. Includes stats on companies expecting to use WebRTC and their opinions of WebRTC benefits and challenges. I found it interesting to note that 38% of respondents noted lack of IE support as a problem, while only 25% noted lack of Apple/Safari support as an issue. I’m personally biased to apple devices and so would be more excited about iOS support, but it’s IE that enterprises care more about.

The Biggest Barrier to WebRTC Adoption is Lack of Awareness!

Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus

Apr 29 2014

Nice overview of WebRTC, with links to a lot of other sources.

Skype Introduces Free Group Video Calling – Is WebRTC the Reason?

Rachel Ramsey, WebRTC World

Apr 28 2014

Is Microsoft opening up more skype features because of the competitive threat that free WebRTC based video chat tools offer?

Object RTC (ORTC) API for WebRTC

W3C Community Group

Apr 29 2014

Draft Community Group report on the Object RTC standard.

The 4 Different Approaches of Using WebRTC APIs

Tshai Levent-Levi,

May 1 2014

Tsahi describes the range of options for WebRTC API development, from building everything custom to using an API platform if WebRTC is only a means to an end for you. Great overview with links to frameworks and providers for each stage.

Finding the right Node.JS WebSocket implementation

Deniz Ozger,

Apr 22 2014

Very interesting article analyzing the performance and features of Web Sockets, Socket.IO, Engine.IO, and Primus for a Node.JS application. Hat tip to NodeWeekly.

Video: Crafting the Perfect AngularJS Model and Making it Real Time

Matt Creager, GoInstant

Apr 10 2014

Recording of a presentation about building real-time angularjs models using GoInstant. Hat tip to Javascript Weekly.

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