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RealTimeWeekly #24

21 Apr RealTimeWeekly #24

Performance improvements in Dart, WebRTC online courses, Arduino and Node.js, WebRTC and Chrome Extensions, building your own voice mail service, and the ever present browser war in WebRTC … lots of interesting articles this week to share. Enjoy!

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Latest Business News

Podcast: Learn WebRTC with Lisa Larson-Kelley

Scott Hanselman, Hanselminutes Podcast

Apr 11 2014

Scott interviews Lisa Larson-Kelley about WebRTC and web video. Lisa has a an excellent WebRTC Fundamentals video course that I also review here.

WebRTC: Who Will Surrender First? Apple or Microsoft?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Apr 14 2014

Predictions from Tsahi about the timing and possibility of WebRTC support in Safari and IE. I think he makes a good point that support in Safari by Apple means better support in mobile in general, which would be a very good thing.

The WebRTC conundrum

Ken Wieland, Mobile World Live

Apr 14 2014

WebRTC faces a conundrum with telecom companies. Should they potentially sacrifice profit in order to stay relevant to their users? Will these companies be strategically agile enough to adapt to the changing landscape, or will a conservative strategy serve them better if WebRTC doesn’t have staying power?

WebRTC: Collaboration Technology Trend-Setter or a Marketing “Bubble”?

Stanislav Soldatov, Telepresence Options

Apr 14 2014

A vendor’s view of the problems with WebRTC and why it’s probably a bubble. Personally, I think the concerns raised in this are legitimate but are too focused on “the enterprise”. As the author hints at the end, innovation with WebRTC is more likely to come from other areas first such as online games, e-learning, and other HTML5/JS based applications.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

The Performance of Dart 1.3 Is on Par with Node.js

Abel Avram, InfoQ

Apr 10 2014

The Google Dart team has announced significant performance improvements that may bring the Dart:io library to a similar speed at Node.js for processing asynchronous server-side requests.

WebRTC Changes Everything – 10 Tips to Become a Master WebRTC Developer

Brad Bush,

Apr 15 2014

Part of a series on WebRTC

Arduino and NodeJS Communication With Serial Ports

Danial Khosravi

Apr 12 2014

Straightforward and helpful code example of how to connect the serial port on an arduino to a NodeJS app. Hat tip to Node Weekly

Build Interactive Voicemail for Sports Fans with Twilio, MongoDB, Angular, and node.js (Part One)

Kevin WHinnery, Twilio Blog

Apr 17 2014

Tutorial shows you how to connect Twilio with MongoDB for an answering service. The Angular front end will be shown in a future blog post.

How to use WebRTC and Chrome Extensions to Call a Browser When it is Not Open

Konstantin Goncharuk, webrtcH4cKS

Apr 8 2014

WebRTC connections require that you both potential participants are already present in the same application so signalling can be done to setup a call. How can you setup a WebRTC connection when one person is not on your chat website? How do you notify them someone is waiting for them? This example shows how one company did it using Chrome Extensions.

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