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RealTimeWeekly #23

14 Apr RealTimeWeekly #23

Looking for something fun to play with and tell your boss that it’s business research on real-time applications and the Internet of Things? Check out the ION lava lamp that you can control via the browser. There’s also a kickstarter project for it if you want to get one of your own! We’ve also included a tech article below from the Lava team about how they built the Try Ion site using and Node.js.

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Latest Business News

WebRTC’s Endgame: Being a Part of BaaS

Tsahi Levent-Levi, NoJitter

Apr 9 2014

Will Backend-as-a-Service help developers take advantage of WebRTC?

WebRTC and the PSTN

Phil Edholm, WebRTC World

Apr 8 2014

“With WebRTC and emerging Web APIs, a new choice is rapidly emerging: Use a complete vendor service for a traditional vendor like Avaya, Cisco or Genesys, or develop a tailored implementation using these advanced components. ”

Internet Explorer: Another sign of a faster, more open Microsoft

Mary Branscombe, CiteWorld

Apr 10 2014

Will IE ever support WebRTC? That’s the nugget of this article you may be most interested in. According to the IE status website mentioned in the article, WebRTC is currently not planned for IE 12, but the ORTC standard is under consideration, which should be compatible with WebRTC. For a little more on ORTC, you might start with this older WebRTC World article on ORTC.

Twitter adds chat notifications

Twitter blog

Apr 10 2014

Twitter is adding in more real-time notifications to its website that make the “mentions” feature more like a chat, and as this commentary points out, similar to Facebook as well.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

Behind the scenes of Try Ion

Eric Barch, Lava blog

Apr 7 2014

In the intro above, I mentioned the very fun kickstarter project for a programmable lava lamp called ION. The good folks at Lava, the development company behind this project, have also shared in this post how they built the real-time application around the lamp that allows anyone on the internet to control the lamp via your browser. Tech stack is Node.js,, a Raspberry Pi, and more interesting libraries to queue site visitors for control of the lamp and to stream the video.

Creating a WebRTC WOW Moment With Raspberri Pi and Node.JS

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Apr 10 2014

Steps to download and install a sample WebRTC application on a Raspberry Pi and use it to host WebRTC demo calls.

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